Do you enjoy your work?

Pleasure at Work

One thing I learn about work is that we must always do what we enjoy and not what we are told.

No matter how we see it, work always comprises of assignment after assignment that we must complete in time. At the end of the day, we will be appraised according to our performances and our achievements. Work pressure is very real and serious.

Work becomes lighter and happier when we learn to enjoy it. We must get into it, learn to cope with it, enjoy it and treasure it. We must learn to find great pleasure in our work.

Being enthusiastic in our work can really reduce stress. We can always find ways and means to speed up the works we dislike while maximizing our time engrossing in the tasks that we find great pleasure. Happy is the man who know what he or she is doing and enjoying.

Work is always stressful when your heart is not in it. You are bogged down at work. You always find ways and means to get out of it. As a result, You spend time chatting, loitering, taking longer coffee break, wasting much precious time and you simply can't concentrate on your task assigned.

I believe when we find ourselves cannot enjoy our present work after much trying, we must quit the job.

Take time to ponder: Do you enjoy your work?


Jade said...

Interesting post.
One important aspect when picking a job is go into the field where your talents and enjoyment lie. Otherwise, getting up in the mornings will be one dreary duty.

Laane said...

No, I don't enjoy my work.

I haven't choosen it, it's life that gave it to me.

I consider it an utter luxury when people are able to develop their talents and make either that talent or their hobby their work.

angelinabeadalina said...

You know, you're post is mostly going to be "preaching to the choir." Those of us who enjoy our work, no matter what it is at the time are going to agree with you wholeheartedly. We already understand that getting into what we do will make the days more enjoyable than they would be otherwise. Those people who hate their work, no matter what it is at the time, are the ones who are almost always going to be dissatisfied. Right now, I am a stay at home mom who makes glass sculptures while the kiddos are at school...of course, I'm gonna love what I do! The thing is, when I worked at a daycare, changing diapers and wiping noses all day long, I enjoyed the work. Didn't enjoy the hassles involved with paperwork and supervising, but enjoyed the work a lot. It all starts with your point of view.

Natural said...

nope, don't enjoy my work, but right now i'd be stupid to quit. it does pay the bills..but i don't plan on being there forever. i'm working my way to doing something that i love.

ykh said...

Thanks for the comments. I'll treasure and continue to enjoy each and everyday that the Lord God gives, no matter what challenges in life maybe.

subeen said...

We must try to do what we like. I am gonna quit from my current job in December as I am not liking it anymore... Planning to do some freelance programming :)

Here is an interesting forum about freelancing: You might want to meet some freelancers there and share your thoughts.

workleisure said...

When you enjoy being your authentic self, it shows through in everything you do - at work, home or play.

Our philosophies have much in common.
Best regards
Peter Nicholls