A Good Family

Genesis 2:18-25

A good family must be God-oriented.

God formed the first family. Marriage and family are first instituted by God.

We must learn from God how a family is put together. The instructions on marriage and family are to be found in the Bible. Here we have the principles, precepts and promises to follow to have a good family.

God is our first and final authority upon which our home is built.


A good family must be goal-oriented.

God brought Adam and Eve together in marriage. The goal is oneness, togetherness or unity.

When we are married, we are to leave our parents. But we still maintain our contact with them.

When we get married, our main goal now is unity in our new family. We must learn to cut our dependence upon our parents. We must learn to develop independency in our marriage.

A good family must take time and effort to develop compatibility. We must learn to have goals, needs, emotions, and drives which are compatible with one another.

A good family must learn to develop 100% commitment. We must learn to love one another, talk with one another and live with one another.


A good family must be grace-oriented.

We must understand that we are all sinners and we married a sinner.

We must understand that we are saved by God's grace alone.

A family where grace is understood makes all the difference.

If we understand grace, then we will understand forgiveness.

When we have genuine repentance and remorse over sin, then there will be genuine forgiveness and restoration in the family.


Some thoughts:
  • A good family must be God-oriented. That gives a family authority.
  • A good family must be goal-oriented. That gives a family unity.
  • A good family must be grace-oriented. That gives a family beauty.

Marriage Relationship

Genesis 2:15-25

God made a man in His image.

He named him Adam.

God placed Adam in a beautiful Garden of Eden to tend and keep it.


God considered Adam in the garden and He said, “It is not good that man should be alone”.

God had created every other being with its counterpart.

But Adam was created alone.


God caused all the animals to pass before Adam.

Adam named them all.


But Adam realized that none of the animals was compatible with him.

God used this event to awaken the realization of loneliness in Adam’s heart.

God used this event to create a desire within Adam for companionship.


Up to this point, Adam was satisfied with his life and his surroundings.

He thought he had everything he wanted.

Now Adam was made to realize that he did not have everything.

Now Adam desired to have a companion to complete him.


God took definite steps to satisfy Adam’s desire.

God caused Adam to go to sleep.

God opened him up and took out a rib.

God made a woman from this rib.

She was called Eve.


Eve was taken out of Adam’s side to be equal with him.

Eve was taken from under Adam’s arm to be protected by him.

Eve was taken from near Adam’s heart to be loved by him.


Adam woke from his sleep.

Adam saw a new, absolutely beautiful and perfect woman there with him.


Adam’s immediate response was “Yes!”

Finally, here was the woman whom Adam couldn’t live without.

Finally, here was the woman who was compatible with him and completed Him.


Adam had the heartfelt love for the woman.

Adam had the sure knowledge that this was the woman God has created just for him.


God formed the first family, and He blessed their union.

God commanded them to “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it” (Gen. 1:28).

Adam and Eve then came together in physical union (Gen. 4:1).

Children were born into the family.

The family expanded and blessed by the hand of God.


Marriage relationship is next in importance to our relationship with God.

All other activities outside of marriage must take a backseat.

This includes our businesses, hobbies, friends, careers, sports, and even church work.


Living with our spouse is a lifelong pursuit.

It begins at marriage and continues to the deathbed.


Marriage speaks of total and absolute commitment.


Broken marriage is a serious matter.

It must be saved!

The Lord Jesus Christ said, “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” (Mark 10:9).


Marriage relationship must be supported, prayed for, maintained and honored.

The extended family, the church family, close friends etc. must learn to help their loved ones to fix their marriage problems.


Are you ready for marriage relationship?

Man's Life

Genesis 1:26-28

Man is a special creation of God.

Man is the product of God’s creative power.

He is not the result of random evolution.


Man did not evolve from a single-celled organism over the space of millions of years.


Animals were spoken into existence by the Word of God.

Man was formed by God out of the dust of the earth.

And God breathed life into the nostrils of man.


There is a vast difference between humans and animals.

We don’t simply put a man “out of his misery” when his quality life is over.

We don’t put babies and brain-damaged people to death.


Man is a spiritual being.

Man was made in the image of God.


Man has body, soul and spirit.


Man has body to help him move and interact with the world.

Man has soul to help him to reason, feel, act, etc.

Man has spirit to allow him to be God-conscious.


But Man sinned.

Man’s descendents are born dead spiritually.


It is after the Spirit of God brings to life the spirit of man that man is able to reach out in faith toward God.

Then the man is transformed.

He is now able to live to please God.


God determines the dawn of every life.

Childbirth isn’t just the product of a physical union between a man and a woman.

It is the sovereign God who determines whether or not to begin a life.

It is God who decides when to open a womb and close a womb.


God determines the design of every life.

God determines what a life will become.

He has a plan for every man.


God decides the end of every life.

God determines the day, the hour, the minute, and the very second when we will breathe our last.

God determines when, where, and how we will die.

It was the Lord’s will that Moses would die alone on a mountain (Deut. 34:5-8).

It was God’s will that Jacob would die surrounded by his children (Gen. 49:33).

It was God’s will that Paul would die at the hands of Roman executioners.


The life of every man is very precious.


God sent His Son into this world to save sinful men through His death on the cross (John 3:16).


We need to take good care of our lives.


We also need to call upon God to stop all the helpless and voiceless people who face death in the name of convenience, money and godless indifference.


We must love lives.

And we must save lives.

One Thing Missing

Mark 10:17-22

The man was rich.

He possessed money.

There is nothing wrong having money.

The problem comes when money has you.

And money, with all its power and potential, cannot give salvation for the soul.


The Lord Jesus named several commandments to him.

He responded that he had kept them from his youth.

He was a moral man.

However, morality couldn't get him into Heaven!


The man possessed a sense of urgency.

He ran to the Lord Jesus looking for the answer he needed.

He realized that life didn't last forever!

But urgency couldn't save him from eternal damnation!


The man possessed humility.

He bowed before the Lord and asked of Him.

But just being meek and humble would not keep him out of Hell.

It was just not enough.


The man possessed a desire for salvation.

He cared about where he would spend eternity.

He believed in Heaven and Hell.

But a desire for salvation was just not good enough.


But the man was loved by God.

Even though he was a sinner, he was still loved by the Lord.

The love of God for fallen men was so great that He gave up His Son to die on the cross to save them from their sins.

But it was not enough to bring about his salvation.


The man had problems.

He was a sinner in need of salvation.

The Lord Jesus told him how he could be saved.

He was to renounce his wealth.

He must turn from money that was holding his life.

He was to take up his cross.

He was to leave everything, and identify himself with the shame of the cross.

He was to follow the Lord Jesus.

He was called to place his total trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for his salvation.


The Lord Jesus had revealed His identity to him.

He had declared Himself to be God!

He was saying that if He is good, then He is God!

His challenge to him was to believe in Him alone, and in what He can do for the sinners.


But the man thought the price was just too high for him to pay.

And he chose his riches over his own soul.


The man went away sad.

His prospects for eternity became very bleak and promised only Hell.


The man had everything.

But there was one thing missing.

He didn't have the Lord Jesus.

And he was not ready to receive Him as his Savior.

One thing he lacked....


Mark 10:1-12

The Pharisees came to test the Lord Jesus Christ.

They wanted to trap Him in a theological debate.

They wanted to undermine His credibility in the eyes of the people.

A great crowd had gathered to hear Him teach.


The Pharisees asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?”


The Lord Jesus Christ turned the tables on them.

He asks them “What did Moses command you?”

It is a good tactic to use the Bible when we are drawn into a theological argument.

They answered, “Moses permitted a man to write a certificate of divorce and send her away.”


The Lord Jesus Christ responded by reminding them that the only reason Moses gave such a command was for “hardness of heart”.

In other words, divorce is the result of sin and hardness of heart.

The law Moses gave them was to control their refusal to honor God’s ideal for marriage.


Such a situation should never have existed in the first place.

But because of the sinfulness of the human heart it did, and it needed to be controlled.


The Lord Jesus Christ reached beyond the Law all the way to the beginning of creation.

He reminded them that in the creation, God created a male and a female.

God’s command to the first couple was for them to be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth.

Under God’s divine design, a man was to leave the home of his parents and he was to cleave to his wife.

It was to endure for a lifetime.


Marriage is a covenant that is to be entered into only after serious thought about the consequences.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment between one man and one woman for one lifetime.


When a man and a woman come together as husband and wife, they become one flesh.

They become one person in God’s eyes.

The married couple becomes one in their goals, their direction, their will, their emotions, their mind and their spirit.

They move together through life as a single entity.


The Lord Jesus Christ then told them that every marriage is made in heaven.

The union of two people in the covenant of marriage is an honorable thing in the eyes of God.


Marriage is the work of the Lord while divorce is the work of man.

No one has the right to destroy a marriage.

Divorce and remarriage are never commanded or commended in the Word of God.

Both were merely permitted as a gracious concession to the sinfulness of man.

God’s ideal for marriage is one man and one woman for one lifetime.


When the Lord Jesus Christ was alone with His disciples, they asked Him again.

They wanted to learn more.

The Lord Jesus Christ said when a man or a woman divorced their mate and married another person, they were guilty of adultery in the eyes of the Lord.