Lately, there had been rumors about the doomsday again. Many were thinking and talking about what would happen on 21.05.2011. When would it actually occur? Would it be based on the US time or the local time? And how would it happen? Would it be instant or spreading over a period of time? Some organizations were even talking about partying, celebrating, and have a good time together on that day.

I for one am not interested in this movement. I have just too many things to do in my life than wasting my time speculating on the date and time of the doomsday! Besides, who would know the date and time when it is only God alone who knows?

I am more worried about the natural disasters, the social crimes, the economic recession, the political instability, and the many uncertainties in life. Life is hard with its many escalating prices. Everything has grown up so much; it is more difficult to make ends meet now. Many of us are doing two or more jobs everyday. It is funny and ridiculous to hear about the doomsday when you have so much difficulty even to live.

Personally I am not happy with the rumors. I am thinking if we are so keen about meeting the future, then we must work hard and get ready for it. The Endtime is definitely not a time for joy and celebration; it is rather of fear and trembling to meet and deal with the Almighty God.

It is now 30.05.2011; more than a week since the announcement of the doomsday. Nothing has happened, everything is back to normal and no one is excited anymore. Everyone is back to their daily routines again.

But this is no over. In fact, it will never be over. Someone(s) will again come out with another doomsday theory again. Then the rumors will start and many people will begin to get excited again.

How about you? What do you think of the doomsday? Would you get excited about it? How would you get ready for it?


Everyone of us is susceptible to worrying; worry has become our permanent friend and a constant companion.

For some of us, worry is a serious threat to our health, our welfare, or our ability to work. It has become a heavy burden, and there is no escape for it.

Some people are especially prone to worries and anxiety; they are often touchy and irritable. Worries have taken control over their lives, consume their day, and continue to eat them up.

Worry is normal in our lives, especially when it is connected with somethings that are very important to us or someones whom we love and cherish. Some of us are especially worried when it comes to money and life issues.

Worry can consume us and make us sick. Some of us cannot sleep or eat properly because of their worries. And for some, they will forget about the things they need to do and continue to feel depressed.

It is necessary for us to understand the danger of having too much worry. Worrying is necessary to make us work and get things done carefully and properly. But too much worry will trigger negativity and makes things worse. Too much worrying is simply not a healthy habit!

It is necessary for us to do right when we are worried. Worrying must help to encourage us to deal with our troubles and solve our problems.

What do you think? Does worrying help to solve your problems?

Get Angry

In the past, I couldn't resist getting very angry at people.

I would get angry at those who couldn't keep their promises and when asked, couldn't give a good reason why.

I would get angry at those who talk and boast a lot, yet couldn't deliver what they had said.

I would get angry at those who loved to direct and teach people what to do, yet were themselves useless people who knew naught about it.

I would get angry at those who procrastinated and didn't have the sense of urgency, when we needed to accomplish a certain task fast and efficiently.

I would get angry at those who never stopped manipulating and threatening the weak and powerless to do the work for them.

I would get angry at the rich men's children who boasted of what they had, and behaved as if everything belonged to them.

I would get angry at those who were so weak and vulnerable, who submitted very easily to every whim and fancy of the manipulators and blackmailers.

I would get angry at those who just followed blindly what they were told to do, and never once thought and reasoned about the risks and consequences of their actions.

I would get angry at those who simply threw everything out of their pockets, vehicles, home, etc., onto the streets, other people's backyards, the recreation grounds, leisure centers, etc.

I would get angry at those who didn't have goals and ambitions in their lives, and they looked so unmotivated and dead.

I would get angry at those who were rude and annoying, and always spoke and laughed very loudly at people's ears.

But what is past is past. These people mean nothing to me now.

Now I don't get angry unnecessarily, even if people around me want to get angry simply.

My friends told me, "Don't get angry. You may die early."

Now is my turn to tell my friends not to get angry simply.

But if they still insist on getting angry, then let them be.

I have had enough of getting angry.

Talking Through The Phone

Do you enjoy talking through the phone? When you have a lot of things to talk to someone, do you prefer to phone him or her, or do you rather talk to him or her face to face?

My friend's wife and children have to leave him to go back to her village because her father has suffered a severe stroke recently. It was decided that she is to stay there for a year. She is the only child, and there is no one else who can take care of her father in the village. They have also decided to transfer their eldest child to a village school.

Besides rushing home to his wife's village every weekend, my friend also phones her and his boys every evening. Once in a while he would tell me about his joy of talking through the phone to his family.

I believe many of us would prefer to speak face to face to someone or someones who are very close to us. Talking through the phone just cannot explain everything in our mind and heart.

I remembered in the past when I had to take some work-related courses somewhere, and had to leave home for a time. During the period, I always thought of my wife and her miseries of taking care of my three naughty little children. Talking through the phone was really difficult initially, but it did help me realize my love and my longing for my wife and my children.

Some very shy friends of mine would prefer to talk through the phone with their new found love. Are you like them, and do you prefer to see her face to face?

Talking through the phone requires careful attention. Words can build up good relationship; words can also tear down a beloved family. It would be wise to plan carefully what we want to say instead of fumbling through the phone.

When my friend told me how much fun he derived from talking to his family through the phone, I knew what he meant. In fact, I could feel for him; absence really makes the heart grows fonder. I had known it before. Oh yes! It was so very true and painful!

Some of my friends have to work very far from home for a long long while. I understand how they must have suffered. It is never easy to leave the home sweet home, especially if you are newly wedded, or have young children at home. And then talking about sharing through the phone...

I looked at my friend who continued to relate to me his joy of talking through the phone...

I could see the tears in his eyes.

Unsafe Neighborhoods

It can be very difficult to live in a bad and unsafe neighborhood where there is a lot of house breakings, burglaries, other criminal activities and bad influences. But sometimes, we don't really have the choice; circumstance is unavoidable and, thus, we just have to cope with it.

The present economic recovery is slow going, and for many countries there are still a lot of people who remain unemployed and under-employed. The price of fuel, food, energy and transport have all gone up. There are more and more desperate people around the neighborhood. Poverty and the lack of basic amenities has caused many to resort to stealing and robbing.

How is your neighborhood doing? Is your neighborhood safe? What would you do if you are in an unsafe neighborhood?

Watching the TV news and reading the newspapers sometimes give me goose bumps. There were just too many thefts, robberies, murders and rapes around the many neighborhoods. The world is no longer a very safe place to live anymore.

Though there are neighborhood watch, police presence, home security systems and the many crime prevention measures, the neighborhoods are unsafe, crime is on the rise, and the chances of being a victim of violence are high.

Good thing my neighborhood is still safe. Anyway, we always try not to leave the house for long, and we also lock everything even when we are at home. Just cannot trust anyone anymore.

How about your neighborhood? Is it safe?