Love Is Like A Cool Breeze

If there is one important thing that we really lack, it is love.

Love is a wonderful feeling for ourselves and others.

I am surprised there are people around who claim they don't have love.

The fact that we occasionally look at the mirror means we love ourselves.

The fact that we wash our face, brush our teeth, comb our hair, shave and cut our moustache and beard, put on makeup, blow our nose..... mean we love our appearance.

The fact that we put on clean, ironed, stylish and appropriate clothing on every occasion mean we care about how people look at us and evaluate us.

And look at the way we enjoy our food and drink....

And look at the way we enjoy our environment and a high quality of life.

And look at the way we speak and behave....

Yes, we all love ourselves.

Even those who desire to kill themselves do so because they love themselves. Don't believe them when they claim they hate themselves because of their circumstances or situations, they just don't want to suffer anymore.

Therefore I do see the element of love in various degrees in everyone of us.

And no one should ever deny the fact that they do have love.

If only we love and know ourselves more, we would realize just how miserable and helpless is everyone of us.

And that's why the LORD God gives us family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, enemies and competitors...

Just how fulfilling and satisfying is our lives very much depend on how we express and propagate the magic of love among people around us.

Love is like a very cool breeze blowing on our face and surrounding us for a long long while, tickling, poking and teasing us to share and bring it to everyone around us.

Have love will love.......and......more love....

Teachers Do Get Mad These Days

As a teacher, I find it difficult not to get mad with my students.

Sometimes they have very small and light handwriting, making it difficult to read and understand their sentences.

Sometimes their works are so untidy and full of errors, giving me a hard time to correct and evaluate their works.

Sometimes is their "couldn't care less" attitude, so easily get bored and give up trying.

Sometimes is their lack of enthusiasm, not paying much attention no matter how much I try.

Sometimes is their lack of common and basic knowledge, not paying much attention to their surroundings, and always emphasizing so much of their dream world.

Sometimes is the way their behave, so rude and bossy, so blunt and provocative, and so full of filthy and inappropriate speech and gestures.

Sometimes is .............

It can be very frustrating, making me sometimes wanting to give up teaching.

But that is part and parcel of life, no matter how much we want to avoid them.

Parents who have a few children know how tedious it is to raise them up.

But many of them don't understand the role of teachers in managing a huge school.

If only they know and give their very cooperation, there will be more dedicated and motivated teachers these days.

And perhaps teachers will have less frustration, both from pressure within and without.

Yah, teachers do get mad these days.

Smile Back To Others Who Smile

I smile back whenever others smile at me. To me, respect must be repaid with respect. The feeling that we are a class above another does not come in here. We are human being and we must return fellow human being with respect.

I smile back whenever others smile at me. To me, we can and do learn from others through social interaction. The thought that we are wiser and more knowledgeable than others do not come in here. The world mystifies us and there are a lot more that we are unable to fathom under the sun.

I smile back whenever others smile at me. To me, this is the most natural thing to do. The urge to put on a "holier than thou" face does not come in here. We are all terrible sinners and none of us can meet God on our own accord.

Sometimes I wonder just how expensive and difficult is our smile.....

Of course, we don't smile at those who simply accuse us and condemn us without any apparent reason.

Equally true is that we don't want to show terrible faces that will bring us many strangers and enemies.

So I always tell myself to smile often before I lose them all.

Smile always.... remember the hundreds of people who smile at us everyday.

Isn't life more wonderful with more smiles?

The Lady Behind The Man

Can't remember when is the last time I say "I love you".

Can't remember when is the last time I say "Thank you."

It is so easy to take things and people for granted.

It is so easy to neglect our spousal relationship and find ourselves merely tolerating each other.

And that is how many of us treat our wives.

....And I am no different............

They say, "Man works from sun to sun, but woman's work is never done."

And that is what many of our wives are doing, day and night... till dawn.

Sad indeed to know that many of us are not very sensitive and loving to our wives.

....And I am no different............

We are happy when food is readily served.

We are happy to have clean and ironed clothes.

We are happy when the house is always clean and tidy.

We are happy when our children are well behaved......

But we forget the mastermind of our home.

We sometimes works so hard that we forget our wife and children.

But our hardworking wife take very good care of our family.

There she is....... grumbling, not even a sound.

And always ready with a beautiful smile and tender loving care.

Thank you, my wife.....

You are ready great.

I love you.

....please forgive me.....