The Old Lady And Her Flowers

In the corner of my mind is this old lady... and her flowers...

I remember in my younger days, when I was around the house, often she would ask me to carry her flower pots from one end to another. I remembered how I protested, grumbled and complained. But the old lady just knew how to persuade me. The flowers need sunshine... This place is too shady... The flowers look nicer with the new arrangement... And she would start doing what she told me to do...

I remember how she changed the soil in her flower pots, how well she took care of her plants. It was a tedious and time consuming task. I could see her sweating all over. But she wouldn't ask me, or anyone else, to help her... She just quietly cared and talked to her flowers.

I remember her giving me flowers when I started my family. I remember buying her flower pots. The old lady always planted flowers for her children, and she would spend time explaining to them all about her flowers. She would laugh and smile as she talked a long while about her many flowers. Maybe that was how it started... Her children began to love flowers... My wife too, after helping her a few times round...

Maybe flowers were what kept her going in her life. She lived to her 80s... and she died a peaceful death... just like her flowers...

Many a night I awoke with the memories of the old lady... and her flowers. Maybe it's time I plant some flowers...

The old lady is gone... and her flowers. They are not in the compound anywhere.

Oh! My beloved mother and her flowers...

Noah’s Days

Genesis 4:16-26

Noah’s days were characterized by perversion.

Our days are also filled with widespread apostasy and self-help philosophy.


Noah’s days were characterized by prosperity. Jabal was the first to practice the domestication of animals. It was a time of material prosperity.

We are also enjoying unprecedented prosperity. Everyone is spending. There are days when many people have more than enough.


Noah’s days were characterized by pleasure. Jubal invented musical instruments. He was the father of the entertainment industry.

We are also living in a pleasure mad world. Billions are spent on entertainment like sports, music and hobbies.


Noah’s days were characterized by progress. Tubal-Cain discovered and learned how to extract metal from ore and invented the smelting business. This allowed men to produce stronger farm implements and formidable armaments. Cities were built. The ark was built.

We have many inventions and advancements too. We are progressing in every arena of human life. We are living in a time of unprecedented human advancement!


Noah’s days were characterized by polygamy. Lamech married two women. He was the first person in the record of humanity who took clear steps to undermine the home and the family. It was a time marked by lust, wanton disregard for God’s will, open sin and perversion. In Gen. 6:1-4, we are told that there was an intermingling of the godly line of Seth with the cursed, reprobate line of Cain. This produced a generation of men called giants and men of renown.

Marriage is also under attack today. The traditional family is being challenged by homosexuality and lesbianism. Cohabitation is also becoming the order of the day.


Noah’s days were characterized by pride. Lamech declared his value to be far greater than that of his ancestor Cain. He was the first real humanist. He saw himself as number one and believed that all his actions were right. His name means “powerful”, and he lived as if all power resided within him.

We are living in days like that too. Many pay God lip service. But they do not want Him involved in their affairs. They have no regard for the Word of God. They do not fear God. They live as they want without thought of a Heaven to gain or a Hell to shun.


Noah’s days were characterized by pollution.

Men did as they pleased without thought for the welfare or property of others. Murder and crime were rampant. Many had degenerated into the depths of depravity and wickedness. That is where we are today. And things are getting worse!

It was a time of unequal yokes in marriage and tolerance of evil and wicked lifestyles. The bloodline of humanity had become so tainted and polluted that only Noah was considered pure in his generations. That is where we are today. Sex is no longer reserved for the marriage relationship as God intended. Virginity is no longer seen as a precious gift to be cherished and preserved for one’s life mate. It is seen as a commodity to be traded for affection, acceptance and pleasure. Traditional values and morality are under increasing attack in these days. Homosexuality and lesbianism are not merely tolerated; they are promoted as alternative lifestyles!

Men had corrupted His way upon the earth. Men had turned from the worship of the true and living God to embrace the occult. They worshiped Satan and his lies while they shunned the truth of the Lord. The same is true in our day. People are caught up in the supernatural. Witchcraft, astrology, spiritism, psychic phenomenon, demonic religions and Satanism have penetrated our culture to a frightening level.


Some thoughts.
  • The days of Noah have arrived again. We can see the signs of the times.
  • But God still has His man and He is still working in a big way. He was still moving in grace to redeem the lost.
  • Our world is ripe for judgment. Let us make sure that we are saved and ready. We are leaving this world. It could be soon. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming and we are going! Are we ready?

God’s Grace In The Fall

Gen. 3:1-24

God came to Adam and Eve.

Man had transgressed the commandment of God. Man had sinned. There was great gulf between God and man. But God continued to join Man in the cool of the day for fellowship and communion. God had every right to stay away. But He chose to come anyway! That is grace!


God called them.

God didn’t come to look upon their misery. He called out to Adam in an effort to reach him.

Man is dead in sin until God awakens him. It is only at the call of God that the sinner can be saved. That is grace!


God confronted them.

God challenged Man on the basis of His sin. God was looking for a confession. But what He got was accusations.

God reveals to us the sinfulness of our lives and calls upon us to repent. That is grace!


God chastised them.

Various punishments were meted out on the sinners. This is grace!

God would have been within His rights to have killed them outright.

God’s chastening and restraining hand stands as a reminder that there is a price on sin.

God chastens us to call our attention away from the pleasure of sin so that we may see the reality of sin.


God covered them.

The sin of Adam and Eve became real when an animal died to cover their nakedness.

They instantly realized that they were responsible.

It was the grace of God that accepted the sacrifice of an innocent party to atone for the sins of the guilty.

It is the grace of God that saves the sinner, cleanses him and clothes him the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

It is through the grace of God that we enter salvation.


God commanded them.

Adam and Eve were eternally separated from the presence and love of God.

God’s command to cast them out was a command of compassion and grace!

Adam and Eve thought it was the worst that could happen, but it was in fact the best solution to a terrible problem.


Some thoughts.
  • God’s grace is evident all the way back to the Garden of Eden.
  • Let us thank God for His grace.
  • Let us praise God for His grace.
  • Let us rest in God with full assurance of faith.

God’s grace truly is amazing!

The Promised Lamb

Genesis 3:1-21

The promised Lamb is unique in His origin.


He would be the seed of a woman, who would produce an offspring without the aid of a man.

This was the first prophecy of the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ is important.

Sin and the sin nature were handed down through the man (Rom. 5:12).

We have inherited a sinful nature, and are sinners at birth.

The birth of the Lord Jesus came without a human father, He was born without sin!


The promised Lamb is unique in His occupation.


He would come to battle with the forces of evil.

He would come to bruise the serpent’s head.

He would come to deliver humanity from their sins.

He would come to secure their liberty and salvation from sin.


The promised Lamb would come as a warrior.


He would take up the fight that Adam had lost in the Garden of Eden.

He would battle with Satan!


From the instant this prophecy was given in Genesis 3:15, until the moment the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again from the dead, Satan did everything in his power to stop the seed of the woman from being born.

He worked through Cain to kill Abel (Gen. 4).

He sought to corrupt the human blood line through evil marriages (Gen. 6).

He tried to kill the people of Israel in Egypt (Ex. 1-2).

He tried to bring about their destruction by leading them into gross idolatry during the kingdom years of Israel.


When the Lord Jesus Christ was born, he tried to destroy Him as an infant (Matt. 2).

He tried to lead Him to sin on the Mount of Temptation (Matt. 4).

He tried to get Him to claim the crown without going to the cross (John 6).

He tried to kill Him in the Garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22).


Satan thought he had won the victory when the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross.

He didn’t realize that the Lord Jesus Christ died in the sinner’s place.

The Lord Jesus Christ was the promised Lamb of God!


The promised Lamb would come as a winner.


He would crush the head of the serpent.

This was fulfilled at the cross.

The Lord Jesus Christ endured death for God’s elect, but death could not hold Him!

On the third morning, He arose from the dead as the Victor.

In His dying and rising again, He inflicted a mortal wound upon the head of the serpent that would ultimately end with him sentenced to an eternity in the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20:10).


Adam and Eve witnessed God slew an animal to provide a covering for their nakedness.

They saw how much their sin cost them.

They finally understood that the wages of sin is death (Gen. 2:17, Rom. 6:23).

The promised Lamb came as the sacrificial Lamb.


God provided them a covering of animal’s skin.

God wanted to show them that sin can only be taken away through the shedding of innocent blood (Heb. 9:22).

And only the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is sufficient to save us.

The promised Lamb is a sufficient sacrifice.


Some thoughts.
  • Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden and left us with a desperate sin problem.
  • God saw our need and sent His Son the Lord Jesus Christ into the world to die on the cross as the perfect sacrifice.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is the promised Lamb of God
  • Would we come to Him to be saved?

The First Marriage

Gen. 2:18-25

The Garden of Eden was a place of unspeakable beauty and wonder.

It was a perfect place where God, man and the animal kingdom enjoyed perfect peace and harmony.


When God looked at His handiwork, He declared it all good until He looked at Adam.

He saw that Adam was the only one of his kind.

This, God said, was not good.

Man had no counterpart.


When the Lord surveyed the situation, His decision was to produce a helper for Adam.

God wanted to give Adam someone who would fill up that which was lacking in his life.

God wanted to make a woman who would compliment and complete Adam.


God had the entirety of the animal kingdom passed before Adam.

He told Adam to look at them and give them names.

Whatever Adam called them, that was the name.


God wanted to awaken a desire in Adam for companionship.

As Adam saw all the animals pass before him, He must have noticed that every one of them had a mate.

It must have dawned on Adam that he was the only creature who was alone.


God satisfied Adam’s desire in His own way and in His own time.


God caused Adam to go to sleep.

Adam was totally uninvolved in the selection process.


God opened Adam up and took out a rib to make the woman.

There are always painful times when we consider marriage.


Eve was made not out of Adam's head to rule over him, not out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but from his side to be equal with him, from under his arm to be protected by him, and from near his heart to be loved by him.


God created the first marriage.


When Adam was awakened from sleep, the first thing he saw was this brand new, absolutely beautiful, and absolutely perfect woman there with him.

Adam's immediate response was to say "Yes."

Finally here was the one that he didn’t want to live without.

Finally here was the one who was compatible with him.


Adam had a heartfelt love for Eve.

He had the sure knowledge that God had created Eve just for him.


The Scripture says a man is to leave his parents and be joined to his wife.

Every other relationship, except one’s relationship with God, is to be placed at a lower priority than the marriage relationship.

Every activity outside of the marriage relationship must take a backseat.

This includes things like businesses, hobbies, friends, careers, sports, and even church work.


Couples are to stick together by strong bond.

This speaks of a lifelong pursuit. It begins at marriage and continues to the deathbed.

This speaks of total and absolute commitment.


Marriage is worth every effort to save it!

Anything that tears marriage apart is a serious matter.


Husband and wife are not just a couple; they are a single unit.

They are declared by God to be joined together until death rips them apart.


Adam and Eve were naked, but they were not ashamed in their nudity.

Marriage is the only valid arena for sexual expression.


Some thoughts.
  • Let us bring our marriage before the Lord. Let Him fix it if it is broken, strengthen it if it is weaken, and make it better if it is already good.
  • Let us bring our needs before the Lord if we are not married and we desire to marry. God has an individual plan for our lives. Let us come before Him and find out what it is.