Wearing A Smile

Wearing a smile everyday is just nice for me.

It becomes so naturally a part of me that I continue to put on a fresh new smile everyday.

And I am not going to throw it away just because someone doesn't like it or has a bad comment or feeling about it.

Some people are asking me, "Why are you so happy? Anything to share?"

It is time to talk and listen. It is time to sit down and reason. It is time to open up and share some thoughts and feelings. It is time to smile and laugh. If we have nothing to share, a joke or some sort of humor or a funny story will be nice. It brightens everyone's day.

Of course, there will be some people who will be talking to themselves or among themselves, "This fellow must be sick, smiling unnecessarily."

It doesn't matter to me. There are so many things to thank God for that I am smiling, laughing, and hopping around. It is a fresh new day with its many adventures and challenges ahead. It is a refreshing time for building, maintaining, consolidating and mending relationships and fellowships. It is another day to start continuing my pilgrim's progress.

Besides, I have so much to learn and to share with friends that I don't have time to make enemies. Leave those who are sarcastic and annoying alone, to wallow in their ignorance. We live together in a community and we have an open and honest relationship with one another.

I enjoy friends and good relationships.

Let my nice and natural smile do the rest.

Withdrawing Money From ATM

Standing in a queue to withdraw money at an ATM can be a stressful experience.

Sometimes certain people are having a hard time understanding how the machine operates, but the surrounding people are unwilling to lend a helping hand.

Sometimes certain physically imposing people cut queue and squeeze into the front line, but no one dares to stop them.

Sometimes certain people just cannot stop talking aloud and laughing incessantly in the small confine, disturbing the peace and harmony of others.

And imagine, there are those who smoke, cough and sneeze openly, and then those with dirty and sweaty body squeezing you....

And how about those who enjoy pushing and stepping on others?

And when it comes to your turn to withdraw money, the ATM is out of order, out of bigger notes or your card gets stuck.

And imagine a town with only 2 banks and 2 ATMs, supplying the needs of the general public during paydays and festive seasons....

And imagine the ATMs in a small separate room with glass door....

Imagine the number of unconcerned people inside....

Imagine how they litter the place with cigarette butts, tissue papers, bank slips.....

Oh, it is just horrible, horrible, horrible.

And that is living in the modern society with easy access to all sorts of modern technologies,.

.... Yet we cannot change our people... their mindset and their behaviors.

... How sad.

.. And the public outburst is always the same – Why do you complain? Why don't you do something about it?

A Giving Life

I never see him rushing.

He just takes his sweet time doing everything.

I believe in him, trust in him, and depend on him.

He may not do everything the way I choose.

But he always does everything well and with style.

And he makes very few mistakes.

Not many are like him.


I never see him get angry.

He just keep quiet with a very nice and natural smile.

He doesn't retaliate, never with words or actions.

When the heat is too hot, he will apologize and leave the place.

I always see him in a quiet place, talking to himself or with friends.

No, he never talks bad about people.

He just takes his sweet time unloading his stress.

He may not do everything the way I do.

But he always regains his composure and is smiling again.

Not many are like him.


He is always ready to help.

He is always dependable.

To him, a good life is a giving life.

He expects rewards from heaven, and not from men.

No, he doesn't need earthly rewards for heavenly services.

He may not do everything the way I will.

But he is always forgiving and forgetting.

Not many are like him.

I am sure... for I know I still cannot...[sigh].

A Nice Cup Of Tea

I am sipping a cup of tea after my dinner.

A cup of tea can really make all the difference.

  • Enjoying a cup of tea can be relaxing, both mentally and physically. Drinking a nice, hot cup of tea can be the perfect way to unwind after a difficult day at work. And it can be a very relaxing way to wind down before bed.

  • A good, hot, and strong cup of tea can be a very refreshing drink, with the remarkable ability to revive and afterward to set one off with fresh determination.

  • In times of crisis, there is nothing better than a nice cup of tea. It can help to lower our stress levels and increase our ability to focus. It can also make us calmer than before. A nice cup of tea can calm the mind and soothe the soul.

  • A cup of tea can alleviate or cure minor physical ailments and indispositions. Tea contains antioxidants that may help protect us against cancer and heart disease. Besides, a cup of tea can also lessen the cravings for high fat and sugar laden foods.

  • Tea can be a nice way to connect socially with family and friends. In some culture, making a pot of tea can be a great way to honor our guests.

  • The simple act of drinking a cup of tea can teach us a whole lot on the practice of mindfulness. A cup of tea can improve the memory and help prevent Alzheimer's disease. A cup of tea can make us more alert and responsive within minutes.

A hot cup of tea can melt away the stress and worries of the day, providing us with a sense of calm and well-being.

A glass of iced tea is refreshing and stimulating. When the heat of the day takes away energy and leaves a feeling of fatigue, a frosty glass of iced tea can be uplifting and invigorating.

Drinking a cup of tea can also break a bad mood. Sit down, hold the cup and feel the warmth. As we sip it slowly, feel the warmth of the tea going all the way down to our stomach. When we drink tea in this way, it's like a meditation. Sit with our tea until the cup is done. Then begin our day anew...

Do you drink tea?

Can you make a nice cup of tea?