"I Do" or "I Agree"

My friend answered "I agree" to his wedding vow instead of "I do" (He spoke in Mandarin) .
Many laughed out loud in the church, but then they cheered him on.
The wedding ceremony was smooth and proper, and everyone was happy.
What do you think?
For those who are English educated, wedding vow shouldn't be a problem since question begins will "Do you...?" will automatically be answered with "I do..."
But when the wedding vow is presented in other languages, it undergoes various translation problems. The structures of the sentences become more complex and difficult to understand. Sometimes the bride and the bridegroom need to think through carefully before they answer "I do."
I knew my friend was panicky and he was just too exciting for the big day!
I pitied him as he blurted out the answer "I agree".
I believed he knew it fast, since his face was red hot and he was shaking his head.
I saw him sweating profusely and his hands and legs were shaking.
Then I saw him looking into the bride's eyes and regained his confidence.
I believed the bride must have cheered him on!
Many people will become shy and nervous on an important occasion like this.
They will stumble as they speak and they may not realize what they are talking.
It is time to be helpful and kind, and assist in whatever way we can;
We must not let the wedding ceremony be disrupted by a few mistakes.
I believed the crowd realized their mistake;
They clapped and cheered him on.
It was a smooth and successful wedding ceremony after all.
Some people were of the opinion that the crowd shouldn't laugh at him.
Some said it was okay to laugh softly, as long as it didn't affect the function.
Some preferred to laugh outside the church, after the ceremony was over.
To me, It was okay so long as they knew it was a holy wedding ceremony;
And everyone had to play their role well.
The wedding vow is always the most romantic moment for the couple.
The beginning of living happily ever after.
Some said it's okay to say "I agree";
A man would have considered the vow properly before he agreed.
And they claimed that many who had said "I do" remained unfaithful to their spouse.
It didn't matter to me, whether "I do" or "I agree"
It meant the same thing, as long as it came from an honest and a loving heart.

Yes, "I do agree!"


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They Don't Look At You

Are you annoyed by people who don't look at you?
Do you feel hurt when they turn their eyes away?
Do you form bad thoughts and feelings about them?
Will you scream and shout at them?

Do your parents or siblings talk to you like that?
Do they look into your eyes?
Do they turn away while giving you only short answers?
Will you get angry, slam the door, and walk out from them?

Do your immediate bosses and superiors ever look at you?
Do you harbor anger and hatred in your heart when they do?
Do you think they do it intentionally?
Do you forgive them because they are busy?

Will it be okay if your spouse or friends do that on you?
Do you get frustrated when they turn their eyes away?
Do you feel hurt and angry because they don't see you?
Will you bear with them and stay with them?

Will you be mad if your children don't look at you?
Will you lecture them and punish them?
Do you think it is alright for them to do what they do?
Do you think you will forgive them because you love them?

Some people think it is okay if the person is busy or preoccupied.
Some people think it is okay if the person is their immediate bosses.
Some people think it is okay if the person is their parents or their siblings.
Some people think it is okay if the person is sick or depressed.

But others think it is not okay;
They demand respect and recognition;
They demand focus and attention;
And they demand love and affection.

So what do you think?
Will you be pleased and think it's okay?
Or will you be annoyed and angry?

Would You Unplug The Machine?

You were there in the hospital.
Some relative or friend of yours had their loved one in coma.

The coma patient had been there for more than a week now.
He had been lying there on a sick bed, helplessly and hopelessly.
And he was supported by machine to keep his heart beating and his lungs breathing.

The family looked very worried and heartbroken.
They called him, again and again, pleading with him to wake up,
But he showed no conscious moment and behavior.
He was just lying down there, like a dead log.

The family consulted the doctor.
They were desperate as to what to do.
The doctor shook his head, again and again;
And he give a very slim chance for recovery.

It was a poor or average income family.
The hospital fee was expensive;
They would have problems settling the bill.
The doctor suggested to them to unplug the machine.

And you were there;
Listening and helping.
What would you do as a relative or a friend?
What would you do if the coma patient was very dear to you?

Now some parts of the body had smelled;
Some skins had peeled.
Was the coma patient dying?
Or would there be a chance for him to be alive?

Difficult problems like these happen to many people.
If you are involved, what would you do?
Would you unplug the machine?

Some parents have to let their children die this way;
Some children have to let their parents die this way.
Will you be a part of this?
Would you help to unplug the machine?

Some said we must do nothing but pray. Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe miracles do happen? What if the coma patient wakes up and walk? Will you be surprised?

Some said we must wait until he dies naturally. What if he is still in coma after a few months? Will the family be able to pay the exorbitant fees? Can they afford?

What do you think?
What would you do?
Will you let him and the family suffer?
Or would you help to unplug the machines?

Christmas Shopping and Giving

Do you have problems buying things you don't need?
Do you have too much of the things that you don't use?
What are you going to do with them?
Are you going to give them away?
My wardrobe is full of clothes that I don't wear;
My kitchen is filled with many Tupperware products and free gifts;
And my children are having lots of toys all over their rooms.
What am I going to do with them?
Am I going to give them away?
Have I bought too much?
Am I wasting money shopping?
How about you?
Do you also have problems buying things that you would later regret?
Many of us love shopping;
Many of us keep on buying things.
We buy a lot during festive seasons;
We buy a lot when going on vacation;
And we buy a lot during year-end sales;
We buy a lot when we are happy;
We buy a lot when we have itchy hands.
We just can't stop buying;
We just can't refuse to buy.
Oh! What compulsive shoppers we are!
We buy things because of the spur of the moment;
We buy things because they are too attractive to us.
We buy things because we can't resist to buy;
We buy things because we just love to buy.
Many of us ended up with things we don't need;
Many of us ended up with things we don't use.
If only we can control ourselves buying,
We would have saved a lot of money.
Maybe it's time to give charity;
Maybe it's time to give gifts to many.
Maybe the things we give can bring happiness;
If we will, if we will.
Oh! How I love shopping!
Oh! How I hate keeping!
And Oh! How I love giving!
Happy shopping, and happy giving then. lol

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Loose Clothing

Do you buy loose clothing for kids? I do.

Loose clothing is just fine for our children; they grow fast.

If we buy fit clothing, in no time we will have to buy new one for them again.

Besides, money doesn't grow on tree; money doesn't come easy these days.

It is better that we save some for urgent and imminent needs.

Loose clothing can be used for a longer period of time; it will be nice if it can be used for a year.

Of course, this doesn't mean we will buy them extra large or adult clothing. This will make them look awkward and hilarious.

Loose clothing is recommended for adult too.

Loose clothing increases air circulation, stimulates sweat evaporation and prevents such health issues as heatstroke and heat rash.

I like loosing clothing.

I use it to hide my fat tummy! LOL

Which do you prefer, fit clothing or loose clothing?