Look Serious

Some of us look serious all the time or most of the time. It is just their natural face expression.

They are quiet and conservative.

They are unapproachable, unfriendly and sometimes even dangerous, when they are not smiling or laughing.


Some of us look serious when they are at work.

They mean business in everything they do, or else others may think they are just joking.

They look serious because they are professionals concentrating hard on their moves.


Some of us look serious only when they are well-dressed and smart.

They look serious in executive suit, with their tie, and with their glasses.

And they look serious with their beard.


Some of us look serious when taking their photos.

They look serious because they hate smiling for the camera.

They look serious because they are taking their self portrait.


Some of us look serious when they are having an emergency.

They look worried and scared when something bad is up.

They look nervous and tense at the doctor's office.


Some of us look serious to other people but not to their family, relatives, and friends.

They are easy to get along with and they love to joke around.

They look serious, but not always serious.

They look serious but most probably laughing on the inside.


Some of us look serious when they are with God.

They look serious when they are in the church.

They look serious when they are praying.


Some of us look serious when they are in serious competitions.

They are confident and tough when they play.

And they focused their full attention on the match.


How about you?

When is the last time you look serious?

Exam Fever

I have a public exam tomorrow.

They call it PTK, a competency level assessment for government servants, aims to measure the level of attitude, skills and knowledge required to accomplish tasks at a particular grade in its service scheme.

By attaining a certain level of competency, a government officer proves that he or she has the required competencies to serve at that grade.

PTK can also provide an indication of the future or potential of a government officer to be assigned a more challenging assignment or position.

I have cleared my PTK with flying color in my former grade and I have smiled from ear to ear.

But this is now my third time that I am facing it in my present grade.

And my heart is throbbing fast at the thought.


A little excitement is good for health, especially when we are young and energetic.

But lately I would rather enjoy a little peace and quiet and learn things at my own pace.

I have faced many exams with success.

And I am thankful to God for my present achievements.

But deep inside, I never like any competency exam.

I no longer enjoy challenges, reaching new heights, and getting great rewards.

Just how rich is rich?

How high is high enough?

Just how often we want to win over others?

I don't know.

I am just contented with what I have and what I am.

I am satisfied and happy with my life.

I don't give up learning.

It is just that I learn what I want.

It is just that I learn at a slower pace.

I am still progressing steadily and I learn new skills everyday.

I am still perfecting my talents.

I am just wondering when will they test on our life skills, leadership qualities, problem facing and solving abilities, working experiences, and skills and talents that develop through lifelong learning?

As it is, another paper exam.

Come what may, life still goes on.

Yeah, I am always ready...[sigh]

Rainy Thoughts

It was raining heavily.

It had been raining everyday for the past few days.

The thick haze was now cleared and gone.

The open burning of the paddy smallholders and oil palm estate developers stopped.

It was nice and relaxing to be able to see the clear blue sky again.

It was refreshing and invigorating to be able to breath in deeply the fresh mountain air and enjoy the scent of nature unspoiled.

It was fun and exciting to be able to see people smiling, laughing, and carrying on with the every day activities of life, eating, drinking, and celebrating marriages etc.

The rain stopped.

But it was still dark and very cold.

Many still snuggling in bed, covered with thick cloth and blanket.

Then came the distant thunder.

It was getting really dark and threatening.

Nonetheless I had decided to dare the rain and the cold.

It was almost nine in the morning.

And my stomach was so hungry that I could not sit in front of my laptop any longer.

Sorry, food was more important.

Oh no, I forgot to wear my t-shirt.

And the standing fan was blowing fast.

"No wonder."

I grabbed my car key and started my journey for food....

When Things Don't Go Our Way

When things do go our way, we are happy and optimistic. Everything is incredibly beautiful and enriching.

When things do go our way, we are convinced of our potential for control. And we wish to believe in our ability to guide our lives.

When things do go our way, we tend to praise God for His grace and favor.

When things do go our way, we are really satisfied, though deep inside we still want more of the same things or any other needs.


When things don't go our way, we think we are the only person in the world with problems.

When things don't go our way, we tend to blame God, our environment, the recession, the bad forces, etc.

When things don't go our way, we whine and scream and cry at the world.

When things don't go our way, we get angry and frustrated. We get mad and sad. And we waste valuable energy on emotional outbursts that hurt us and the people around us.

When things don't go our way, we want things to get back to "normal" and are very discontent until they do.

When things don't go our way, we always insist on instant answers and immediate responses to our questions.

When things don't go our way, we sometimes want someone to take the blame.


The next time when things don't go our way,
  • let us remain focused on being the best we can be.
  • let us continue to trust in God and thank Him.
  • let us pray.
  • Let us not harm others.

Finish Your Race

I was watching intently at the students running when few interesting thoughts came to my mind.

Some students had really set their minds on running. I was surprised at their concentration on the track and the finish line under the scorching hot afternoon sun. Besides, the haze was rather thick and this would add a strain on their breathing.

Some students wore the proper shoes and sport attire. They were dedicated to their roles as runners. They would not let anything hinder their way to success.

Some students didn't sway from side to side as they ran. They didn't want to waste time and energy on unnecessary moves. They were set to win the race.

Some students didn't look from side to side as they ran. They just wanted to concentrate on their race and won. They didn't want to be unduly perturbed by external thoughts and pressures.

Some students had traveled far and waited for a long while for their race. They were well prepared and they were ready to bring glory and honor to their team. And they were eager to bring the trophy home. Nothing must be allowed to stand in the way, no, not even the late journey home.

Some good friends were cheering their friends on. Some helped in carrying their friends belongings. Some worried for their friends. Some waited with anticipation. It was not just a race for them; it was a battle of honor.

Some fell along the way. Some in tears and dismay. Some limped and hopped along the way. Some slowed down to a walk but persevered on. The winners crossed the finish line in triumph, beaming with smile and satisfaction.

The uniform groups were faithfully carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Nothing was amissed. Everyone was pleased with these silent workers. They were indeed a great help in any school function.

The first day of sport came to the end, but not for me.

I have learned the importance of dedication to meet my goals.

I have learned the importance of concentration on all I do.

I have learned the importance to get rid of anything that may hinder and slow down my progress.

I have learned the importance to be helpful and useful to friends.

I have learned the importance to be faithful to all my duties and responsibilities.

And I believe this is what life is all about.

Of course we may continue to look at the negative aspects of things and throw in 1001 complains.

But to what benefits does it help the world?

Thanks, my beloved students.

You have continued to be my source of inspiration.