Just A Break

Life can be very hectic and fast-paced when we have a lot of things to do. We rush from one work to another, one room to another, one person to another, and there seems to be no end to our present business that we often feel very frustrated and depressed. But that is the nature of our work and our life, and we have no means to escape; we just have to continue doing it.

Someday, I don't realize that time is passing so fast until I look around and discover that I have still a lot of things waiting for me to do. I look at the pile of papers in front of me; I examine the schedule that I have to keep; the appointments that await me, the house chores, the shopping list etc. I just don't know what to do; everything looks boring to me.

Life can be very tiresome when everything seems unable to sustain my interests.

I took a walk down the building, looking at people and the surrounding landscape. I need to rediscover my passions and find myself again.

Everyone needs a break. It doesn't have to be long.

Just a break.

The End Of The Month

Every time when it comes to the end of the month, many people will bring out a sweet smile. It is payday; a good time to settle all the bills, to have a big family feast, to do some serious shopping and to plan some family outings, etc.

Every time when it comes to the end of the month, many people will get very excited. There will be a lot of planning, scheduling and discussion. Family will sit down together to talk about their needs, their wants and expectations. Priorities will be identified and acted upon to improve the standard of living and quality of life.

Every time when it comes to the end of the month, Th heads of the family will have a hard time evaluating and deciding on what to do and keep it within the family budget. It isn't an easy decision but it is important for the well being of the family.

Every time when it comes to the end of the month, there will be disagreements and misunderstandings; there will be some conflicts and clashes; there will be some unhappiness and discomfort. It wouldn't be easy for everyone, but the family should really stay together as one.

When it comes to the end of the month, what will you do?

Forcing Your Children

Do you force your children to do things they don't like? Do you think by doing so you are bringing up your children the right way? Do you think your children will readily listen to you in the future? Or do you think forcing your children is not a good way to bring up your children?

Some parents instruct their children in how to do certain things in life, and the children listen and understand, and act on what they hear.

Some parents leave their children to learn to walk by themselves without bothering to help them. The children grow up with a strongly developed sense of identity and purpose. Sometimes, they grow up with inferiority because of constant teasing from people.

There are also parents who insist on forcing their children to do what they want. It doesn't matter if the children don't like it; they just have to follow orders.

Some children become rebellious when they are forced to do what they don't like. They are annoyed and sometimes angered at the parents' orders. Sometimes they protest to show their frustration. Sometimes they do the works half-heartedly. Sometime they just walk away without doing anything.

Some children become quiet, reserved and afraid to speak out. They follow the orders but deep inside they are not happy. They do the works well, making sure that everything runs smoothly. And they try not to rebel. They try to keep silent because they are afraid and uncertain of their parents' love.

Some children become well-disciplined. They follow orders to the letter. They respect and honor their parents. They think and feel it is alright to do what they are told. They are very obedient and teachable, and always find ways to please their parents.

How about you? Do you force your children to do things they don't like?

Any comment or suggestion?

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Japan Tsunami

I was watching the coverage of the Tsunami washing inland in Japan. My heart stopped beating and my hands turned cold. I couldn't imagine that it could be so devastating and so far reaching. But it happened, and it happened so fast. Many must have died a horrible death. It was disturbing and upsetting to see and hear people screaming, suffering and dying; it was heart breaking to see a beautiful country devastated and traumatized and thousands of innocent lives had been lost.

I kept up with the latest news; I was so eager to know more. Why was it happening to them? It was terrible and it still is. I saw cars, trucks, boats, ships, house, buildings and tons of debris swept away by walls of water. My heart cried for the people who had suffered irreparable losses because of the tsunami and the earthquake. Oh! Just how much they must have suffered and died.

But it had happened, and it was not going to stop there. Many were saying that it was going to continue to at least 20 more countries, including Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, South America, Chile, Pacific Coast, etc. I don't know. But I believe it is time for us to heed the warning, and get ready.

Life is short and we don't want to waste it. It is time for us to stick together, and to love one another; and we don't want to miss connecting to everyone we care and love.

Oh! Tsunamis, earthquakes, and all other disasters....

Just how many have to suffer and die?

A Damaged Relationship

It took us so many years to cultivate the relationship. Somehow we were attracted to one another in the past, we moved closer together, we spent a lot of time together, we lived together, we worked together and supported one another, we went out together, etc. But finally we were drifted apart.

Various reasons were given for our rejection of one another. We were not compatible, and no length of time could have fixed that; we always quarreled and we were not happy most of the time we were together; we were so busy that we didn't have time together; and our circumstances and misunderstandings had torn us apart...

Maybe it was true that we were not made for one another. We had so many differences, so few similarities, and most of the time we could never come to an agreement or a compromise. We might be living together but our hearts were very far apart. We had tried many times to reconcile, but it always blew up into a huge argument where nothing was resolved. Maybe it was true that we were not compatible.

Maybe it was true that we were not happy together. We quarreled bitterly, violently, heatedly, and emotionally; we fought, squabbled and argued for the past many years; we had many cold wars and we couldn't and didn't talk to one another for a long, long time.

Maybe it was true that we were too busy and didn't have much time together. Individually we had a lot of works and things to do, but there were not many works and things that we would choose to do together. We had our hobbies and interests and decisions, but we would do them all alone.

Maybe all these were not our faults. It was the situations and the circumstances beyond our control; we had too many misunderstandings, seriously poor communication and listening skills, and too many bad luck, etc.

It is a damaged relationship. Maybe we just have to part.

What do you think? Are these good enough reasons to part ways?

Any comment or suggestion?

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