What To Do When You Are Bored In A Hotel

- Read a book or magazine
- Find the Bible and read it.

- Watch TV
- Rent a movie
- Listen to the radio

- Take a nap
- Jump on bed
- Jump across bed

- Play with the lights
- Play basketball with paper and wastebasket
- Impersonate people

- Call room service
- Call the front desk and ask questions
- Make prank calls with the phone

- Throw a party
- Sing and dance
- Get a massage
- Order food and eat

- Write a poem
- Draw or paint
- Play card games
- Work on a puzzle or crossword

- Study and memorize the TV guide or the phone book
- Go online or chatting
- Meditating

- Call family up and talk

- Smoke continuously

- Take a nice bath

- Greet people at the door
- Knock on people’s doors and run
- Flirt with people

- Do some workout
- Run down the hallway
- Eat in the restaurant
- Swim in the pool

- Bang on walls and scream
- Jump the staircases.
- Slide down the stairwell banister (on butt or stomach)
- Ride the elevator up and down

Just do anything and everything until everyone is bored with you!!!

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