Give Them All That They Want

When we were young, we were the center of attraction. The world revolved around us and our family took very good care of us. They provided our every need and want, and they were always around, and always ready to give us their love, their care, their concern, and their commitment.

Of course, there were some among us who were not that blessed or lucky. We might have lost our parents when we were very young, or we might not be that close with our parents, or we might not always get all that we wanted. Some of us had to work really hard to provide for our basic needs, and some of us was taught very early to earn all that we wanted. We are all different. Nevertheless, we must never deny the fact that all of us were given love and care from people around us when we were young.

Now that we have grown up and have our own children; it is our turn to provide for our children's needs and wants. Of course, as loving and caring parents, we want them to receive the best love, care, and attention from us. And if possible, we want to give them everything they desire and want.

But as we think through, and from the many experiences that we have shared together, we decide to limit our children's needs and wants. We don't want to give them everything. We only want to give them everything that is beneficial and helpful to them. We don't want them spoiled! We want them to be useful and helpful individuals who are ready to serve the family, community, society, and nation.

Of course, there will be times when we have differences, doubts, and clashes with our children. But then, we can always sit down together to resolve our differences and conflicts. We are of one family and blood is always thicker than water.

Being a parent and bringing up children is not an easy task. In fact, it is one of the hardest jobs that requires great patience and dedication. It is a challenging job with a lot of responsibilities. But it is the most satisfying and rewarding job that we can have. But the fact remains: we will always give all that is beneficial and helpful to them, and we will never give them all that they ask.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think we should give our children all that they want?

Any comment or suggestion?

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Giving Pocket Money

Do you give your children pocket money when they go to school? Do you think it is necessary in addition to the food and drink that they bring from home?

Some parent starts by meeting up with their children during the school break time. They would bring along their children's favorite food and drink, and enjoy spending quality time with them. This is good especially for parental love and care, and it helps to build up parent children relationship.

But as the children grow up, some parents would prefer to give their children pocket money, in addition to the food and drink that they bring to school. Most parents are worried that their children may get hungry and may need the money for more food and drink. Besides, the pocket money may help them buy books or other materials that they need, or it can be used for emergency purposes.

Of course, there would be parents who prefer to give their children minimal pocket money as they grow up. They would prefer them to earn extra pocket money on their own. They want to train their children to be more responsible and independent. They would give them some household choirs like cleaning and tidying their own rooms, washing their own clothes and shoes, gardening the flower beds, washing cars, etc. Then they would reward them with money.

Some parents would prefer to give their children weekly allowance to train them on how to manage their money until the end of the week. They would check and monitor their spending habits to make sure they don't over spend. They would encourage them to have some saving to buy expensive things of their choice.

I believe the practice of giving pocket money is good for the children because it teaches them how to manage their own money from young. And it also helps them to plan for their future.

Of course, I don't agree with parents who give minimal pocket money to their children; I don't think I want my children to go hungry in school. And I also don't want my children to have too much money with them when they go to school. I don't want to see them spend their money wastefully.

What about you? Do you give pocket money to your school children? How much do you give them?

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Jumping From A Building

A young couple was having an angry quarrel on the corridor of a tall building in the early morning. The woman threatened to jump, but the man managed to pull and save her. In the process, the man slipped and fell from the tall building to his death.

There was another incident. An old couple was having a heated argument on the top of a three story building. The woman threatened to jump and the man rushed to save her. In the process, the woman accidentally fell from the building and was seriously injured.

What do you think of these? Why people choose to jump from tall buildings?

Incidents like these happened all over the country; the above two cases were just stories on the front page of my local newspapers. I was mad when I read this. I just couldn't understand. Why?

I have height phobia and I would have difficulties looking down from the top of a high rise building. My heading would feel giddy and my body trembles. I just can't understand why some people dare to do a stunt or jump straight down from a tall building.

Jumping from a building can be a painful death. Many had seen pictures of these and are having nightmares and traumas all their lives.

And imagine the adverse effects it can cause to the victim family. Imagine how they would have to suffer every time when they pass through the same place.

Some victim families can't bear it anymore and they would prefer to leave the place as soon as possible. They would want a low, single story terrace house. Now, even the thought of seeing a tall building scared them off.

Jumping from a tall building can be dramatic when there are a lot of onlookers and bystanders who want to know what has happened. The stories can then be cooked up to draw the attention and sympathy of the people.

But accidents do happen. There are times when the victim has no intention to jump, but because of all the frustration and anger, and all other pressures, he or she decides to jump. And the end can be tragic.

Not all jumping from a tall building will lead to death. There are cases where the victims are paralyzed for life, and ended up being a burden to those who continue to take care of them.

Jumping from a tall building can never solve problem. In fact, it is a common way to escape problem. We are born with the innate abilities to tackle and solve problems, and it is not advisable to escape problems. Jumping from a tall building will only add more problems to the family who has to shoulder the financial and the emotional burdens.

So the next time when you have a disagreement with anyone, just keep it to yourself until you have reached the ground floor. You never know when one will sudden become mad and angry and threaten to jump from a tall building.

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Watching Movies In The Cinema

Do you enjoy watching movies in the cinema?

Do you watch 2-3 movies back to back?

I did. I used to do it during my teenage years.

I watched a two hour show, took a break, rested for a while for food and drink, and continued with another show. Then I took more rest, ate more food and drink, and went for yet another show.

I didn't know why I could spent 6-8 hours just to watch movies from the same cinema.

I remembered sometimes I even walked and ran very fast from one cinema to another cinema just to catch up with another favorite show. I remembered I pained and sweated. But I was very happy when I could make it on time.

Thinking back, it was really fun what I had done 30 years ago, watching movies.

I remembered how I started watching movie by going alone.

Then, I went together with my family and friends.

It was fun and joy when everyone enjoyed the show together.

And we enjoyed a good talk about the show after that.

I remembered there were times when I slept in the cinema. The show was really boring but the air conditioners were perfect for a good afternoon rest. I believed I snored sometimes.

Most of the time, I enjoyed action movies and love stories. They were very nice to watch on big screen. Imagine those heroic and romantic scenes, and my heart would start throbbing. Besides, the sound system was just perfect for the shows.

I remembered as a young boy, I used to escaped from my home just to watch my favorite movies. I remembered how my family was angry with me and they punished me severely for what I had done.

I still watch movies these day. But I never do it in a cinema anymore. Now I enjoy watching movie from my 42" LCD TV with its very good sound system.

But I can no longer watch 2-3 movies back to back. I have tried, but I dozed off in the middle of the second show.

I dare not try after that; I know my back will ache when I sit for too long.

My children now enjoy watching movies in the cinema.

But I don't think they would watch 2-3 shows at a time.

How about you?

Do you enjoy watching 2-3 movies in the cinema back to back?

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