Shopping Experience

Sometimes in a big supermarket, we meet with people who may desperately need our help. They look at the things on the shelves, but are unable to find what they want. Then they give up after some tries, and begin to look around for people who can help them.

If I am familiar with the arrangements of things in the particular supermarket, usually I would offer my help. It is not very nice to see other people suffered; they may probably be in a hurry, and need to go somewhere to do some more errands, or they may have become very stressful after some unfruitful attempts.

Buying things from a supermarket is not necessarily easy this day. Though things are categorized, placed, and arranged in a certain order so that they look neat and tidy, and facilitate finding, some of us may still have difficulties finding what we want in our first few visits to the supermarket.

It is nice and comfortable if we can buy all we want with a shopping trolley or basket. But there are some supermarkets whose aisles are narrow and are always crammed with people; searching for the things we want in these places can really be a bad experience.

Bringing little children along while shopping can be a tedious job. But there are times when this is the only option available. Of course, many housewives will opt for a shopping list while shopping, but it will still take them some time to search for everything they want.

It will be easier for shoppers if supermarkets are more spacious and comfortable, with better organization and search-ability. Until them, shopping can still be a nightmare and a daunting experience for those who are visiting the supermarket for the first time.

The High School Years

The high school years were the best years of my life.

Those were the years when a group of aspiring young men and women struggled to prepare themselves for the uncertain future. Those were the times when my friends and I worked hard together, often without much sleep and rest, helping and supporting one another, studied day and night for long period of time, to realize our dreams and our goals.

Those were the years when a group of romantic young men and women falling in love for the first time in a real and meaningful way. Here they fell in love, and began to make plans for their future, very rationally but sometimes emotionally.

Those were the years when a group of committed young men and women met, talked and did everything and anything together, learning to be responsible ad accountable for their lives for the first time. Often they fell into many awful mistakes, but then they were determined to stand up again and had everything done properly and professionally.

Those were the years when a group of carefree young men and women came together, enjoyed one another's company, and had fun. They joked and laughed together; they told many stories and tales; they talked about every topic under the sun; they sang and danced and had parties, etc.

I miss the high school years; those were the years when we were so determined to chase after our dreams and goals...

I miss the high school years; those were the years when we were so committed to do somethings well...

I miss the high school years; those were the years of romance and love and friends and life...

I miss the high school years; those were the years of carefree exploration and discovery and satisfaction and enjoyment...

Oh! How I miss my high school years.

Children's Family Name

Some people change their children's family name when they marry again. There are also those who prefer to keep their children's family name. I am of the opinion that we should keep the children's family name until they have grown up.

Many of us parents neglect our children's feelings when we marry again. We want our children to inherit our second husband's name. We want them to forget their biological father completely. As far as possible, we don't want anyone in the family to mention our ex-husband's name again.

But a fact is always a fact; it can never be changed. Whether we like it or no, the truth can never be hidden forever; it will be uncovered eventually and everyone will have to face the music, and the consequences may be painful and devastating.

Children have every right to know their biological father. They have the right to bear the name of their father. They have the right to meet up with him and stay with him. We have no right to stop them.

I strongly believe that we should keep our children's family name if we choose to remarry. I believe we should let the children make their own decision whether to change their surname when they are big enough to decide.

I believe our children have every right to keep their family name.

If It Is Possible...

If it is possible, I want to live a slow and easy life; away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city life, into a quiet and peaceful sanctuary.

If it is possible, I want to see everything blooming and coming to life again; away from the corrupted and materialistic world, into the beautiful landscapes of trees, forests, foothills, valleys, rivers and seas.

If it is possible, I want to get away from the busy workplace; away from the interference of the busybodies and publicity hunters, into the satisfaction of a good day's work done.

If it is possible, I want everyone to concentrate and excel in every good work and word; away from the vain talks, discussions and arguments, into the real action and excitement of the work being done.

If it is possible, I would like to have a vacation; away from the long hours and the heavy workload, into the serenity of nature and relax, enjoying its sounds.

If it is possible, I want everyone in my family to believe in God; away from the sinful and perverted ways of the world, into the bosom of Jesus and the heart of God.

If it is possible....

Oh yes! It is possible....

Old Friends

I look with keen interest at a few of my friends. We have been working here together for the past many years. As usual, we greet one another every day with cheerful smiles, some kind and beautiful words, some hearty jokes and humors, and some greetings and courtesies. It is nice to work together with them in the same place, especially when you know them well, and are willing and ready to help and share with them.

Over the years, many of them have grown old with age and the burden of life. Some have walked with a hunched back and probably arthritic hips and knees. Some can easily doze off to sleep when they begin to relax and when there is no one to share and talk.

I look at them with a nice smile, chuckle and laugh a little; they are my very best friends here and I missed talking to them during the holidays.

Some have left the place because of retirement and moving. But we continue to connect through Facebook and various other means.

It is nice to meet our friends once in a while to talk about old times. I always love to talk when them in a coffee shop or any other eatery outlet. There are always stories and jokes to tell. Fond memories of the past always bring about more love and affection for one another.

It is important to have friends of the same wavelength and passion. And I miss my old friends every time I am away from them. How about you?