Sitting in for teachers in the classroom when they are busy elsewhere gives me many reflections.

Some teachers are always ready with some exercises or tests for their students during their absence. Sitting in for this group of teachers are much easier. What we have to do is to get into the class, have the students’ attention, give them the required exercises or tests, and checking on them once in a while to make sure that they are doing it sincerely and carefully. Most of the time we walk around quietly to maintain the class discipline.

But they are teachers who totally forgot and neglect their students when they were busy elsewhere. They left their students without any learning activities. Sitting in for them in the classroom can be very challenging.

Some students choose to talk on some interesting topics with their classmates. It can be useful and helpful if the topics are about their academic or their school life. But sometimes they start on some personal topics praising themselves and insinuating others, and they end up arguing and fighting one another.

Some choose to sit down quietly doing and finishing their school works. Sometimes they walk around and discuss among themselves. You can observe their satisfying smiles every time they have completed a quest. Sometimes they work grudgingly and reluctantly because they have too much homework or the questions are too difficult to answer.

Some feel that they must sit down to rest or sleep. They choose not to disturb their classmates because they are too lazy to move, or not in good term with their friends, or have tired out after previous school activities or late night sleep.

Some sit down looking everywhere, musing away and smiling to themselves. This group of students are self-entertaining and self-amusing. They are okay since they do not disturb or affect others.

But, whatever they are doing, I always find it uneasy and uncomfortable to sit down quietly doing nothing, solely keeping discipline in the class.

I am paid to do my job and I will do it well. So most of the time I will stand up, get their attention and teach them careful some useful tips important to their life. I want to leave them with lessons they can apply into their daily lives.

As I teach, I also learn. And I have an enjoyable and meaningful time with the students. I gain my respect and I continue to be happy in my works. LOL

Fishing Gun

It was on a late afternoon when a young man came to our house.

He was in great pain since his right leg was pierced through by a iron spear of a fishing gun. Apparently he was hunting for fish and prawns when the incident occurred. It could be the fast running water which caused the diversion of the spear into his leg.

He looked calm and under control, though you could see that he was shivering and trembling in pain. He came alone, walking slowly along the narrow trail. There were people watching and following him. A few of them gathered outside our house. It could be that our car was the only few around at that time or because he knew that we were always ready to help others in need.

He was really shy though. I presumed he was in his early twenties. My wife started the conversation while I got ready. Then we helped to carry him to the back seat of the car. Leaving the children behind with my in-laws, we sent the young man to the local clinic.

The air was again filled with dust and fume as our old car roared on the narrow and stony road. The clinic was 15 minutes away. But we had a bumpy and a very slow drive.

We finally reached the clinic. We waited for a moment before the hospital assistant arrived. It was my former school mate and my boy scouts captain. We greeted one another and laugh heartily, remembering all our wonderful years in school.

My dear friend examined the wound. The spear didn’t pierce through the bone. What a great relief! I looked at my friend closely. He had grown old and bald, and had become more reserved and solemn. I wondered if it was the effects of his job or the fact that he was married and became a father to many children. But I could see that he really enjoyed his work. He related to me that this was a common phenomenon among village folks and always occurred when the river water was low and clear. Now it took him quite a while to remove the spear and to treat the wound. He was sweating profusely and looked worn out, but he was satisfied. He was always confident in his work, and always ready with a broad smile. I really saluted him for that.

The young man looked fine and cheerful again, though it took him quite a while before he recovered fully. He continued to hunt for fish and prawns after that, but he was getting more careful.

Sometimes, I loved to sit by the river bank alone, watching the villagers in action and sharing their joy when they caught hold of big fish and prawns. But I would never go near them or their fishing guns.......

My Mom's Obsession With Flowers

My late mother especially loved and obsessed with flowers of all kinds. She would withstand the scorching sun and brave the pouring rain just because of her strong and strange desires to take good care of the flowers. Sometimes she got too tired and too sick because of tending the flowers. But the moment she became strong and healthy, you would see her diligently and carefully tending her flower gardens. We were worried for her at times, but as it was, she had found the love of her life with flowers.

I remembered every time when I visited her, bringing her beloved flower pots, she would speak to me and my family cheerfully and enthusiastically the different species of flowers, what she had and what she really loved and desired to have. She would stir up in our hearts the desires to plant flowers in our compound. And she made sure that we brought some beautiful flowers back in exchange for more flower pots during our next visits. My wife especially enjoyed her visits to her mother-in-law and she deeply grieved at her demise, and she cried bitterly.

My mother would explain to us clearly and slowly her experiences and varied skills with different species of flowers. You could see the sparkle and the wonder in her eyes and you would enjoy her ever ready broad smiles. Sometimes we just stayed mesmerized for quite a long time in the midst of the beautiful flower garden. It was a well worth lecture on flowers that still swim in my mind sometimes when I think of her.

My mother would travel far and long journeys just to get hold of the flowers of her dreams. And she was even willing to pay more for her love. She would be thrilled and ecstatic the moment she had her flowers in her hands, and she would shout and scream and cry with joy unspeakable and full of pride. Oh! such a passion.

Now as I recall my mother and her love for flowers, I wish I have her passion for my work. A little patience, a little love, a little kindness, a little care, a little smile, a little talk with flowers, and in no time the flowers of your dreams will grow and blossom and fill your world.

Then I discover and understand her secret: She is contented in her simple lifestyle with the flowers.

Yeah, "Godliness with contentment is great gain" (1 Timothy 6:6).

Coffee Break

Many enjoy having their coffee break.

Some enjoy gathering together for a good time. Our daily work is full of stress and many just can't cope with it anymore. They need to take a break and a breath of fresh air from work and deadlines. They need to unwind and de-stress. They go to a restaurant or cafe to see friends, to have a nice chat, to catch up with the latest news, to meet up with some new people, to gossip, and to laugh.

Some go for a snack and a drink. Some eat like a horse to release tensions. And there are those who just come for a drink and a smoke.

Some enjoy reading newspapers or magazine articles quietly at a table in the corner or leaning against the wall at the far end of the room. They don't enjoy company. They just want to be left alone and free to do their own thing peacefully.

Some talk a lot, covering a wide range of topics and issues. Some of these talks are important and fulfilling, others are merely a waste of time. But they just enjoy hanging together to have fun and to relax, to learn and to share with one another. It makes me realize that work without leisure is simply exhausting and consuming. It wears us down, and in time makes our work less productive.

I enjoy spending time with my friends in a chinese coffee shop. I also enjoy sitting alone in the corner pondering over things while eating and drinking. But there are times I just enjoy sitting alone watching people talking, whispering, shouting and laughing. Apparently it can also help me to release stress by smiling along.LOL

Have You Smile Today

A smile can drive away a thousand fear and terror. Children just love to come near people who are amiable, amusing and kind.

A smile can drive away many sorrow and anguish. It can go a long way to relieve distressed soul. Let's recreate our world by loving other people irrespective of tribe or tongue.

A smile can drive away all our cares and worries. It can make us tackle problems one at a time. A sweet smile will always make a dreary day seem bright and a dark and cloudy night shine with a million stars.

A smile can mend a broken relationship. It can eventually melt a stubborn heart.

A smile can deepen our love for one another. An understanding smile and a nod of head can signal our attention and our tender loving care for one another.

A smile can bring near a distant love. Love begins with a spark by just a simple stare and a sweet smile.

A smile can help to reduce the number of lonely people around. A little concern with a sweet, sweet smile can brighten their life and give them a better day.

A smile can bring a smile back from someone who is in despair. A smile in sympathy with someone's dilemma can make him or her speak out.

Yeah, a smile is a gift to share with all who look at you. It can smooth the way, unlock hearts, and open doors to others. And a daily smile can have a positive impact on your mood and outlook.

Have you smile today?

Do You Want To Be A Leader?

Some of us never want to be a leader.

We think we don't have the talent or the flair to be a leader. And we are scared to try.

We believe others are better than us, even though they don't have the necessary know-how. We claim that they have the look, the gut and the will to lead.

Sometime I wonder to myself whether leaders are born or created. Why is it that we love to hide our talents and never put them to proper uses?

And the sad fact is that many of us just love to criticize our leaders.

We need good leaders. And we need them badly.

Work is never done well without a good and proper plan and some workable strategies from a well-organized leader.

Opportunities are lost and gone due to indecision when the leader is blind and has no vision and drive for the future.

Able and skilled workers are disappointed and quickly left the organization when they see no prospect for their future.

And the enthusiasm to work and eagerness to learn are just disappeared because of bad top-level management.

Every organization needs good leaders especially in this worldwide economic downturn.

But just how many can we find?

Are you one of them?

Empty Talk

I love to listen when people are talking.

Some people talk a lot but never say much. Others talk a little but say a lot.

I enjoy listening to talk that has substances. Everyone benefited from the talk since it improves their personal life, family life and working life.

But there are too many empty talks around. There are too many busy talkers doing nothing among us.

Empty talk is wasteful. Nobody is clear what is the real topic of discussion. And you don't see much action after that. Everyone is wasting their time and energy.

Empty talk is hurtful. It creates strife, conflict and division. Everyone is pushing their ego, trying their best to protect themselves by hurting others. Empty talk makes someone a bully, and create more tiny weaklings who live a defeated lifestyle.

Empty talk is detrimental to progress. Some grumble about their present conditions. Some boast about their undertakings. Others just listen and nod in agreement. Everybody is satisfied for a moment. The moment they reach their office, they go back to the old self.

Think before you say anything stupid.

Make this world a better place to live for Everyone.

A Man With Mission

I believe everyone of us is made special, of importance and of value in this life. Each of us has certain important roles to play in the world. God has put us here because our service is required. God will take us away if there are needs elsewhere, or when our service is no longer required. Whatever it is, it is our duty to submit to the Almighty God and do all things well.

I believe everyday is special too. Each of us is required to do certain tasks everyday. The more talents we are given, the more is required of us. And we must never hide our talents or we will be reprimanded.

Likewise, I believe we all have certain tasks to do in our workplace everyday. And we must put our heart in everything we do.

We don't work monotonously like a robot because we have feelings. We know when to roar and when to keep quiet. We know when to keep our cool and when to smile or laugh heartily. We know when to speak up and when to bear silently. We know when to speak against the bosses and when to concede to them. Yeah, we maybe unpredictable sometimes but we know how to carry ourselves well with time and practices, doing the right things at the right place at the right time.

We don't work erratically like a housefly without head because we have proper mind control. We plan out the things we do and we do all things well. We know our individual tasks and collective responsibilities. We work with strategies, tactics and action plan, and we prioritize certain tasks while putting away other less important tasks until later dates.

We don't work sluggishly like a tired old man because we are zealous people with strength and willpower. We don't give up easily and we always accomplish our tasks properly in time.

Yeah, we are satisfied at the end of our day.

So the next time you view yourself again, remember that you are a man with mission. You are put here because your service is required, until the Almighty God decides to take you away.