Smile At The Storm

Sometimes we are mistreated, misrepresented, and falsely accused in our lives. People don’t like us and they can’t see eye to eye with us.

They disagree on everything we think, feel, say, or do. And they try their best to segregate us from other good people. They create misunderstandings, rifts and conflicts among our family, relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors. It really surprises me what they can do the moment they treat us like enemies. Hatred breeds contempt, discrimination, mistreatment, harassment and death. And I think it’s true wherever we are and whatever we do.

But in the midst of all these trials, we need to remain calm and patient, and keep a good record of ourselves and our work. We must continue to do what we are doing in the way that we are now doing it. We must continue to carry out our responsibilities and tasks with diligence, and work in close collaboration with other people. We must communicate regularly, sharing the joys, the challenges, the struggles, the stresses and frustrations of our lives and our work.

We don’t have to feel or act like a loser or a victim. Instead, we should walk like a victor waiting for our vindication, reinstatement, exoneration……..

Our rescue may not come early, but it always comes at the right time.

Our help may not come when we need it most, but it is never too late.

Sometimes I wonder why all the good, the bad and the interesting things come into our lives in so short a time. But they do add together to spice up our lives and make us stronger and wiser individuals after sometime.

May be we need to learn to smile at the storm sometimes.

Yeah, it may not be a bad idea.

The Power of Love

I was browsing the net reading stories and happenings when I found out this one. It touched me to the core and I wanted to share it with you. I penned it down here in the way I knew best. You might not find it interesting or special, but it was a true story of the power of love.

Love is never ordinary when it is true and real. Love can be powerful when there are deep affection and strong commitment. And Love knows no boundaries.

It was love that took away a Melanau girl on the coast of Sarawak to marry a Penan man in the interior of Sarawak. They met at a timber camp. She was the cook and he was a logger. It was a rare union but she embraced the life of a Penan ever since, all in the name of love.

For many people in Malaysia, the Penan's way of life is nothing to be envy or jealous about. They live in the jungle and are basically hunters and gatherers. Basic necessities like electricity, treated water, school and hospital are mere words and meant nothing to them.

It was difficult at first for the lady to adjust to her husband’s way of life when they got married 20 years ago. Life at a Penan settlement was not exactly a honeymoon. But there were those little similarities between their cultures that kept them together. The staple diet for the Penan and the Melanau is sago. The only difference is that the Penan harvests wild sago while the Melanau harvests planted sago. Besides, they also have the presence of their five children to make their bond stronger, the eldest is already 17 and the youngest 6 years old.

The start of construction of the Bakun Dam brought about changes for the family. She and her family were relocated to the 20-door Penan longhouse where her husband is now headman. She looked thinner and somewhat stressed when she first moved. But she appeared settled now and had put on weight.

Her home today is world apart from what she had before. She has a settee set, a television and even a desktop computer. Life is better for them here, but the cost of living is too high. Things are becoming more expensive and they are beginning to find it difficult to make ends meet at times.

It has always surprised me to read stories and happenings about the power of love. Love can really bring together two people living worlds apart and it can change the way we live and think and act.

Love is a total sacrifice for our loved ones, and it goes beyond reasons and explanations. Some think it’s crazy or ridiculous or stupid. Some say it is desirable, honorable and beautiful. I don’t know. Love always makes and keeps me puzzled.

Love is not just an abstract feeling. It has to do with commitment, sacrifice, and knowing the other better. There are always common grounds to start with, and some consensus over certain fundamental principles. We must learn to be reasonable and considerate, and don’t push our way.

Love is practical; it is to make life better and easier for our spouse and children. We must not neglect the basic necessities and forget our children’s education. There will be time when we need to go back to the city or get close to it. Life will be tough and rough, and it will be another different kind of sacrifice.

Oh! The power of love.

When Troubles Come

When troubles come into our lives,

They come in quick and in bunches,

They surround us and corner us,

They make us feel very small and hopeless,

Then they attack our character, our worth, our peace and relationships…

And seek to harm and destroy us.


When troubles come into our family,

They give rise to prejudices, suspicions and misunderstandings,

They make us scream, cry and sigh,

We battle and fight senselessly,

We despise, envy, distrust, and loathe one another,

And we hurt each other’s bodies, feelings and dignity.

And we blame, hate, and curse one another.


When troubles come upon us,

We are worried and anxious,

We don’t know what to do,

We murmur and complain,

We sigh and sob in dismay,

And we desire to get away from them all.


When troubles come,

We forget about God.

We just want to do things our own ways,

And we pretend that God doesn’t exist.

We eventually break down.

And bring harm to ourselves and others.


When troubles come,

Let us come to the Lord and seek His help.

Let us take every trial,

And turn it back into glory and praise!

Let us learn to have joy and hope,

In spite of the circumstances,

Let us find peace in troubled times!


When troubles come,

Let our immediate response be not “Why?”

Let our response be “How should I response”?

Let us keep our focus on God,

Let us learn to trust in Him.


When troubles come,

And we know and are sure that they will,

Let us continue to have faith in the Almighty God,

And let us always rely on one another.

Learning My Speech

Every word carries a meaning.

Every word means something.

We speak up when it really matters.

And we speak in intelligible language.


We speak up when there is a problem.

We speak up when something is not right.

We speak up when we see injustice.

We speak up when we hear of prejudice.

We speak up when power is abused.

We speak up when freedom is at stake.


Sometimes, we speak up when something is bothering us.

We want to nip it at the bud.

We don’t want small things to irritate us.

And we don’t want to be emotionally and mentally disturbed by big problems.


We speak to make people think.

We speak to make people do something.

We speak to help people reason and reason well.

We speak to make people aware of the lies they believe.

We speak to make people follow the truths.


Sometimes, we speak to make people smile and laugh.

In fact, some of us can be so funny that they don’t need to speak to make people laugh!

We speak to make people forget their problems for a while.

We speak to console those in misery and pain.

We speak to make people happy!


We speak to make people like to listen to us.

We show interest in our conversation.

We speak intelligent words.

We use appropriate gesture and movement.

And we keep a charming smile on our face.


Sometimes, we speak to make people afraid.

We speak to make people forget the issues at hand.

We speak to restore peace and harmony.

We speak to maintain love and unity.

We speak to keep the family, the community, and the nation as one!


We think about what we say.

We organize our thoughts.

We find the words before we speak.

We don’t want to speak to foolish people,

With foolish words,

About foolish things.


We listen to others’ views.

We hear their brilliant ideas.

We learn their practical and useful tips and guides.

And we study their calm, cool, and compassion.

There are so much to learn,

In people's speeches!

We may be men of few words,

But we enjoy and learn to speak.

Oh, how I learn my speech!