Work Pleasure

I enjoy my work.

I find pleasure in everything I do. I spend times perfecting my skills and abilities. I enjoy every bit of my work. I prioritize my work and complete my tasks properly on time. I seek to enjoy every task given and do it properly and satisfactory. I will find ways and means to improve on everything I do. I have committed more than 20 years into my work, and I desire to enjoy it for another 10 years more.

I clean and arrange my workspace until I am comfortable and can enjoy deep breath whenever I need. I prefer a quiet corner with less disturbances. I enjoy soft music and soft conversations in the background. I enjoy seeing flowers and plants whenever I get tired of my tasks.

I withdraw from people who are full of complaints about their workload and who just cannot stop grumbling. They affect my tasks and disrupt my peace and joy in my workspace.

I treasure colleagues who have the organization's goals in them every time they reach their workplace. These are people who seek to improve the working environments and who endeavor to implement the organization's goals efficiently and effectively. They always make my tasks easier and my working life happier.

I enjoy friends who are full of good tips and good jokes. Sitting close to them always helps in acquiring new working ideas and reducing stresses and strains of my working life. I love friends who have a lot of patience and can maintain their composure. They always have clear thoughts and they reason well. These are people who enjoy their workplace.

I stay away from negative people who complain virtually everything they see. They are not happy about the workplace, the colleagues, the customers and the bosses. Joining them only make me negative in my working life.

Yes, I make friends with my bosses. I seek to listen and understand what they want me to do. I carry out my tasks properly and on time. I seek their advices on things I have difficulties to comprehend and implement. I know my limits and I wouldn't volunteer on tasks that are beyond me. And I will state my stance with my bosses at the correct times.

I have the organization in my mind when I reach my workplace. All other things are secondary. I will help in planning, implementing and monitoring all the organization's goals. I understand that God put me in this organization for a purpose.

I will avoid negative people in my workplace, including my bosses. They are a hindrance to my work pleasure.

I think I will ask for transfer when I can't enjoy my work here anymore.

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Sleep Anywhere Anytime

Some of us can really sleep. They can sleep anywhere and anytime. But I just can't.

Some of us slumber through their whole lives. They sleep in broad daylight and have their happy hours every night. But I just wouldn't.

A quick nap may be okay. It boosts your brainpower. But first shut your office door before you shut your eyes. And please don't snore and make the whole office people doze off.

If feeling drowsy and dozing off is your problem:

  • Changing your diet.
  • Don't overeat.
  • Take notice of the habits that make you sleep and avoid them.
  • Do some light exercises during working hours.
  • Make your works interesting by changing yourself and your surroundings.
Life has its many ups and downs. By sleeping through and forgetting the reality of life is just not the correct way to solve problems.

Set up your plans for the day and work through them carefully one at a time. Enjoy every bit of your life. Be more sociable and more caring, sharing love with those in need and learning more from others.

Enjoy life. Take a deep breath and clear you throat. Move a little, shake a little, and smile and laugh more often. Walk around, look around and enjoy a wider and a fuller view of everything you see. Wash your face and blow your nose if you must... but please don't go to sleep.

There are so much to do... both for yourself and others. And the world cares and God cares.

Enjoy work. Work is fun. Work is nothing but a game. lols.
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Work Is Only A Game

If we approach our job like a game, we will enjoy it more and we will likely to succeed at it.

When we play game, we are fully absorbed in it, we want to take control, and we enjoy every bit of it. Nothing else matters. And time just seems to fly.

If your "game" is too tough, find out the skills you need to improve and work on it. Increase your skills and you will win the game.

If your "game" is too easy, make it more challenging by increasing the level of difficulties. It may take you a lot of thinking to figure out how to do that, but keep at it and you can find a way.

If your "game" is too boring, make it more interesting. Be creative and figure out something to cheer up your surroundings or give yourself some motivations.

Whatever it is, always find a way to become absorbed in your work. You will surely enjoy it more.

After all, work is only a game.

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What Are You Laboring For?

Some of us work so hard just to fulfill our own needs and wants. We need food, clothing, and shelter to survive. We also want things that can give us a better life. Getting satisfied is one of the main goals of most people today. We spend so much time and effort chasing after sensual pleasure, and we will do anything just to enjoy life. But we can never truly be satisfied because the moment we die, we have to leave our body behind.

Some of us work so hard just to accumulate possessions, status and wealth. Getting rich and famous is yet another main goal of most people today. We spend so much time and effort chasing after wealth and popularity, and we will do anything just to possess them. But we can never truly be rich and famous after all because the moment we die, they all go to others.

Some of us work so hard just to provide for others. We will do anything just to keep our family, relatives and friends together. We enjoy company and we just cannot stand a moment staying alone. Getting near and staying close is what most people are seeking today. We spend so much time and effort throwing parties and enhancing quality relationships, and we will do anything just to get close. But we can never truly be close after all because the moment we die, the furthest our family, relatives and friends can stay by us is up to the grave.

Few of us labor for our soul. We often neglected our soul in our pursuits of material, wealth and sensual pleasure. Yet it is the only thing that follows us wherever we go. The soul is our most loyal partner and has made great contributions in maintaining our wealth and business as well as taking care of our household. A soul well-nourished will give us peace and harmony, and provide us with a fully satisfied, a truly rich, and really close life with God and men.

It is high time for all of us to labor for our soul rather than to wait until we are on our deathbed to lament for all our loss.

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Some of us get moody, very bad-tempered, and contentious while having a formal discussion. We will engage in any argument, usually over trivial matters, that then escalate into full-blown fights. Stern remarks and emotional outbursts follow and become unbearable, causing uneasiness, strife and broken relationships among our colleagues.

The main reasons behind nasty quarrels are purely the results of the inability to hold back the built up emotional pressures, which eventually give way to outbursts and throwing out of senseless remarks that are both hurtful and painful. Prolonged and intense arguments can cause great harms to relationships over a long period of time.

Calm and restrained arguments are both necessary and helpful in any organization. They help to clarify our roles, reduce misunderstandings and improve communications. They help to encourage group works and team efforts. They help the organization to implement and monitor its plans and policies more efficiently and effectively.

It is advisable not to bring in private and personal matters while you are having any formal discussion. Speak professionally according to your expertise. Be courteous and considerate to others as you come forward and stress your points.

Enjoy your inner peace while dealing with your daily activities.

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Rest In God

We all need a moment of rest; a moment when we can see all things in the light of God's Word.

I enjoy my moment of rest. I sort out most of my thoughts, my decisions and my problems while meditating on the words of God. I find my peace, my joy, and my love while resting in God.

Sometimes you just need to be alone to know that God is not far from you. Many of us are busy doing nothing, making us even more restless. Spending sometimes with God can bring you a new lease of life.

Some of us are at peace with God at all time. We can live in peace and harmony with everyone and everything around us. Sometimes, I wonder why God's rest is beyond comprehension.

Resting in God also help us accomplish more tasks with lesser time and efforts. Everything seems to work out just fine.

I wonder when is the last time you have a word with God. Maybe you should start now.

Why not try it today?

The Still Small Voice Of God

Our lives have been molded by countless events. Some bring us joy, love, and harmony. Some edify and bring benefits to all. Still others correct and improve our lifestyles. There are also events that hurt and harm many; events that make us losing our friends and relatives every now and then.

The world is also full of events too. Tsunamis, earthquakes and flash floods have swept away millions of human life and all that they have. The global economic slowdown has made many lost their jobs and create many social and living problems.

After many generations of human civilization, many still live without food, clothing and shelters. Are we moving towards the end of the world?

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." We brave ourselves to take the challenges of Year 2009. God only knows how we will fare this year.

My concern is for all of us to listen to the still small voice of God as it is proclaimed in the Bible (1Kings 19:12). Dwell on the Scriptures and we will find our answers.

Deep inside, I hold firmly to the fact that all things work together for good to those who love God (Romans 8:28). Come what may, I will still worship and enjoy God all the days of my life.

Welcome to the New Year 2009.