Be A Responsible Man

Children enjoy a carefree and happy life. They play, socialize and learn better in a safe, caring environment. Children are best served when their parents can agree and plan together for the well being of the family.

It is great and fun to be children. The childhood years and the teenage years always brought along many memorable and exciting experiences and emotions of the past, bringing us to tears and laughter on many occasions.

But there are always the pains of growing up. There will come a time when we have to take up more and more responsibilities and be accountable for most of our doings. Gone are the years of the innocent and carefree life; gone are the times when we can push our burdens and responsibilities onto others.

As we grow up, there will be more burdens that we willing bear for our family, relatives and friends. We do so out of love, sympathy, compassion, goodwill and concern. We love them, treasure their relationships, and we have profound understanding of one another. Nothing really matters except the sincerity and sacrifice of our love for one another.

Of course, there will always be responsibilities that we dutifully bear for social peace, communal harmony, national unity, religious rights and freedom, or other considerations and concerns.

It’s not easy to be an adult. It takes courage and careful consideration to undergo difficult experiences and get wounded most of the time. Everything needs to be scrutinized and analyzed. There are always many responsibilities that a mature man must do.

Learning to be a responsible man is a sensible thing to do.

It is important that we learn it well and be a responsible man to ourselves, our loved ones, and the world at large.


Khaye said...

Yes.. So true, so true...