Some Partings Words Of Advice

1 Timothy 6:1-21 (NIV)


6:1-2 Honor The Master

There were many people in Ephesus that had come to Christ when they were slaves.

Paul was telling Timothy how to address their situations.

They were to honor their masters.


Although we are not slaves, many of us are employed by another person.

But do we honor our bosses, our managers, or supervisors?

Have we given them any reason to speak against Christianity?


Some of us have Christian bosses.

There are many Christian employees that have a wrong attitude about their Christian bosses.

They do not show them proper respect because they are brothers.

They don't devote themselves to the proper diligence.

They don't honor their work commitment.

We should be serving Christian bosses even greater than non-Christians.


6:3-5 Submit to The Word of God

So many false doctrines are easily recognized as such if we just hold them up to the light of the Word of God.

And the ones that are still questionable can be extinguished by holding them up to doctrines of godliness.


6:6-10 Learn To Be Contented

Paul pointed out that godliness is a means of great gain if it is accompanied by contentment.

This great gain is not a financial gain.

It is a gain in the quality of our life and happiness.

Contentment is such a great gain for happiness in this life.

When we are not content, it will lead to all kinds of evil.

If we continue to love money, we are in danger of wandering away from the faith.


6:11-19 Pursue Spiritual Things

Paul encouraged Timothy to flee from the material desires of life.

Paul wanted Timothy to pursue spiritual things that would affect him for all eternity: a righteous life, godly behavior, and a gentle spirit.


6:20-21 Keep Guard

Paul gave the young pastor Timothy a final word of exhortation.

Timothy was to keep away from the pseudo-intellectual arguments of unbelievers.

Timothy was to keep away from small talk and time-wasting conversations.

Timothy was to focus on what really matters.