Nicodemus Complimented Jesus

John 3:2

Nicodemus addressed Jesus With Respect

He called Him "Rabbi."

He referred to Him as a teacher. He held Jesus in high regard.


He Addressed Jesus With A Realization

He acknowledged that Jesus was sent from God to the world.

He understood who Jesus really is.


He Addressed Jesus With Human Reasoning

He gave Jesus honor and respect for His miraculous power.

But he stopped short in his estimation of who Jesus really is.

To Him, Jesus is nothing more than a teacher, or some prophet whom God had sent!


This is the problem with religion!

It stops short in its approach to Jesus Christ.

Jesus is necessary, but you have to add baptism, confirmation, church membership, communion, and a combination of many other things!

Faith in Jesus is never enough a religious system!


If your religion stops short of receiving Jesus Christ as the sole means of salvation, then you have no salvation!

It is Jesus, plus nothing, minus nothing.

It is Jesus and Jesus alone that saves the soul from sin (John 14:6; Eph. 2:8-9)!


Chinmay said...

Very true and poignant thoughts. Same sort of confusion does apply to our Hindu religion too, with pluses and minuses obscuring the object of devotion.