The Light Within Us

"God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness."
- Genesis 1:4 -

The light was good.

God divided it from the darkness.

The light was special to God.

God saw the light. He looked at it with complacency, gazed upon it with pleasure, and saw that it was good.

If the Lord has given us light, He looks on that light with peculiar interest.

The light was not only His own handiwork, but it is like Himself, for He is light.

God's eye tenderly observes the work of grace which He has begun.

He never loses sight of the treasure which He has placed in our earthen vessels.

Sometimes we cannot see the light.

But God always sees the light, and He sees it much better than our seeing it.

It is very comfortable for us to know that we are God's people.

We may not know it.

But the Lord knows it.

We are safe.

The Lord knows those who are His.

We may be sighing and groaning because of inbred sin, and mourning over our darkness.

But the Lord sees light in our heart, for He has put it there.

All the cloudiness and gloom of our soul cannot conceal our light from His gracious eye.

We may have sunk low in despondency, and even despair.

But God sees the light.

He not only sees it, but He also preserves it in us.

The light is preserved by His grace, He will one day develop it into fulness of glory.

The light within us is the dawn of the eternal day.