Tips to Enjoy Work More

Keeping yourself engaged at work can be a challenge. The day in and day out repetitiveness of work can start to wear you down. Here are tips for getting more enjoyment out of the job you already have.

Think positively
Negative thinking will get you nowhere. Focus on the aspects of your work that you enjoy, such as a nice view or an engaging project.

Make friends
Being a loner at work is no fun. It can make anyone self-conscious and lonely. Offer to take a coworker out to lunch, stop by to say hello or share a funny email. Having friends at work will make your day go by in a hurry.

Listen to music
Don’t let the phones, clacking keyboards and loud talkers bring you down. Come to work prepared with earphones and some tunes.

Stay away from Negative people
That guy who complains about the coffee, the carpet, the customers and your boss is not the person you want to make friends with. Nothing will ever make him happy, and you can bet that he wants you to feel the same way, too.

Make Friends With Your Boss
Perhaps you’re feeling underappreciated or looked over. Schedule some time with your supervisor to discuss where you stand. Find out how he or she feels about your quality of work and what they’d like to see from you in the future. This can provide some positive affirmation and guidance about your role within the organization.

Ask for a raise
Don’t be afraid to ask for your fair share. Consider your overall impact on the company and what you’ve done that merits more pay. Perhaps you’ve absorbed some accounts or developed a more efficient work process. Point out how your actions have benefited the company with effort and money saved.

Check your work processes
Are there unnecessary or inefficient steps? We live in a world of technology that makes our work more efficient every day. Are you using available technology to its fullest? Instead of printing out 100 page instruction manuals and mailing them to the customer, just send them a CD with the files. Better yet, email them.

Overworked? Ask for help
If you have entirely too much on your plate, you need to unload. Don’t hold on to too much work just because of silly pride. Ask coworkers to lend a hand. Remember, this works both ways. Be prepared to pitch in when it’s time to return the favor.

Avoid over-committing yourself
At some point, you have to say no to work. You can politely offer to do the work at a later date or recommend a colleague that may be able to lend a hand. It’s okay to try to make everyone happy. Just remember that the happiness you should care about most about is yours.

When you have so much work to do, you should at least figure out where to start. Determine the importance of your tasks by asking yourself a few questions. Does this task have a deadline? Is this task important to me or to someone else? What will happen if I put this off or don’t do it at all?

Do what you like
If you’re busy past the point of prioritizing, just take care of the items that you would like to do the most. Accept that we aren’t all superheroes and that work sometimes just doesn’t get finished. If you do the work you feel like doing, at least you’ll be happy about what you were able to complete.

Speak up
Running out of work can be almost as stressful as having too much work. Don’t be shy about it. Talk to your boss and coworkers about what they might need help with. Ask for new projects or create your own.

Get on a committee
Planning awards and company functions can be very work-intensive. Help the company with by using your extra time on the committees that run them.

Plan an event
Are you not connecting with customers? Invite them to your facility for an industry get-together and have a chance to put in lots of face time. Does your team need a morale boost? Work on putting together a company outing to help everyone blow off some steam.

Take a class
Invest in yourself. Education, whether it’s just one class or an advanced degree, can open up new doors. A new MBA could mean finally getting promoted above middle management. At the same time, a refresher sales course can keep you at the top of your game.

Find a mentor
A mentor can be a great resource at work. They know the company’s terrain well and can guide you on a path to success. Ideally, you should choose a mentor who has achieved success you’d like to emulate. Schedule a standing lunch date with them each month and find out what made them so successful.

Develop goals
Sure, you’d like a promotion, but to what position? Do you want to retire with this company? Or would you rather gather experience and leave? To know what you should do today, consider what you want for tomorrow.

Celebrate small milestones
Once you’ve set your goals, you have to follow through. When you’ve achieved milestones like finishing a large project or negotiating for more retirement stock options, celebrate. It will encourage you to carry on with the rest of your goal.

Reorganize your work space
Papers, binders and folders have a nasty way of taking over your desk and sanity at the same time. Tame them by reorganizing your space. Use files and trays to keep everything in its place. A clean desk will do wonders for lessening anxiety.

Concentrate on the task at hand
Avoid distractions whenever possible. Close your email, hang a do not disturb sign and let your calls go to voicemail.

Don’t worry about the kids and dinner
When you’re at work, commit yourself to it. Don’t let responsibilities from home invade work and vice versa.

Treat work like a game
If you’re stuck doing repetitive tasks all day, treat them like a game. Time yourself and try to beat your personal best. This will both challenge and entertain.

Get excited about something
We all need something to look forward to. Think about the promotion you’ve been working for or the sunny vacation you’ll have in two weeks. It will help you stay motivated.

Stay away from the junk food
Avoid foods that are loaded with carbohydrates or sugars. Sure, they taste great, but they will bring down your energy level. Opt for more complex carbohydrates which will sustain your energy.

Don’t just sit there
Get up and stretch your legs every now and then to help maintain your energy. Take a lap around the office and say hello to your friends. Take the time to hand-deliver a document. Use every opportunity to get up and get some exercise.

Drink water
Dehydration can cause headaches and leave you feeling lethargic. Staying hydrated will help you feel better and fight fatigue.

Explore a flexible schedule
Traffic, classes and your child’s events can all interfere with your work schedule. If you think it would be great to come in a few hours early in exchange for leaving early, this might be for you. Speak with your boss about exploring a flexible schedule.

Leave the office at the door
Don’t let a failed project bring you down at home. Do your best to keep your work and home life separate. Remember that a large motivation for working is to provide the means to enjoy life outside of work. Allow yourself to relax and disconnect from the daily grind.

Don’t take your mobile device to bed
Staying connected is great, but at some point you have to let go. Establish boundaries for when you will check messages while not at work. Otherwise, you may feel like you’ve never left. Keep your devices charging in a different room if it’s necessary.

Get some sleep
You need quality sleep time to do your best at work and play. Don’t sabotage tomorrow by pulling an all-nighter tonight.

Make a lateral move
If you have a difficult boss or coworkers, but love what you do, it can be hard to justify getting a new position. However, you may be able to find a welcome change of pace in a lateral move. Try doing your same job for a different team or location and see if your outlook changes.

Swap assignments with a coworker
Perhaps you feel like your friend in your team gets all the plum assignments, but he feels the same way about you. The grass always looks greener on the other side-check it out and see. Try your coworker’s job on for size and see if it is better suited for you.

Shop around
If you’re still feeling unsatisfied by work, go ahead and look. Compare what you have to what you might be able to get. You may find that you are being grossly underpaid or overworked, or you might realize just how fortunate you are to have your job. Either way, a job comparison can provide motivation for a job upgrade or a new appreciation for what you have.

Find a new job
Finally, consider the possibility that the job you have just doesn’t fit anymore. If you’re feeling unchallenged, have no growth opportunities, or are on a sinking ship, perhaps it’s time to leave. Sometimes you’ve just exhausted the possibilities. Don’t be afraid to move on to a new company that can provide you with something better.