Every New Day Brings Progress

We tend to believe that we are better than others. We think we are handsome and strong. We are more attractive and influential. We are well informed and better equipped. We are a class above the rest, well honoured and respected anytime and anywhere. The sad fact of life is that we are seeing the world only through our own eyes.

For the most part of our life, we are lying and cheating to ourselves. In reality, others are living better and progressing faster than us. They are advancing at all times in every field that they put themselves into. They learn by leaps and bounds while we are enjoying our sweet moment of success and glory. O dreamers, wake up. The world has left you far behind. Wake up from your lethargy, put your plans into actions and double your efforts to achieve your goals.

Heaven knows how miserable we must have fared after these many years. We love to judge others but we don't even have time to examine ourselves. We are mean to others and we are mean to ourselves. We don't want to see progress and we try our best to hinder others from progress. Yet, we ourselves refuse to progress. What an irony. Every day we are refreshed and ready for a new adventure. Yet we live as if we don't have much to contribute for the welfare of the world that we live in. We are having a life of living death.

We avoid the fact that others are watching us. We tell ourselves that we don't care, yet we yearn for their attentions just like pampered children. We want them to stay behind, follow our foot steps, and attending our ways. And we teach them to look scornfully and sneering at others who refuse to heed our ways. How immature we must have become after all these years.

O man, how have we progressed after all these years? How many tomorrows can we afford to waste? Come on. Don't linger anymore. Let's go forward for a new adventure.