Family Shopping Is Fun

It was raining the whole afternoon.

We were shopping in one of the shopping malls.

People everywhere were busy shopping for the Christmas season, buying many presents, clothing, flower, food, decorations and a whole list of other things.

I personally don't enjoy shopping in group.

But for the past many years we had helped and coached the children in shopping.

But lately they are more independent and can buy things on their own.

Shopping in group can help in making wiser and better decisions.

But sometimes it can be a waste of time, loitering around and wandering without purpose.

So we planned our shopping trip before we started.

My wife and my two girls went straight to the women's department to do their shopping.

My son enjoyed himself picking and trying some shirt and trousers in the men's department.

And I entered a few computer shops making a survey on computer accessories... So much changes and so many things to learn.

I asked around and got the information that I needed about computers.

The salesmen and technicians were customer-oriented and efficient.

I really enjoyed my trip and I had made up my mind on my future computer upgrades.

I laughed heartily to myself, feeling very satisfied.

Then I bought some computer accessories and was ready to join my family.


They had all bought their needs and they were happy.

Everyone was smiling broadly and started to share with one another.

Then we made up our mind to go to another shopping mall, this time to shop for our daily needs and wants.

Once again, we assisted one another in the different sections of the hypermarket.

We bought more things because we wanted to celebrate our youngest daughter's birthday the next day.

We paid at the counter and we were ready to make our way home.

Now our van was rather packed, so everyone had to squeeze a little.

We stopped along the way to buy some barbecued meat and chicken.

We had cooked our rice earlier before we went shopping.

Wow! Mouth-watering dishes were waiting for us home....


The sky was getting darker, the wind stronger and the rain heavier.....

By evening we were home.

We had our dinner and we had more stories to tell....

My family had bought some clothing for me, and I had some computer accessories for the family.

And that was our family shopping, visiting our familiar stores and remembering one another while shopping.

Yeah! I love family shopping.

Family shopping is fun.


gallery said...

thanks for inspirational content for other which will help to other to do start earning

Ish said...

Dropping by to say Have a Happy Healthy Holidays to you and your family!

The Fitness Diva said...

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you. ;)