When troubles come, we often have to resort to ourselves or seek helps from others.

When troubles come, they come in bunches, in a way that can destroy us.

Most troubles start as a result of circumstantial situations.

But sometimes there are people among us who love to create troubles.

They start by generating some misunderstanding and misconceptions among people, then they concentrate on giving and listening to comments and judgments that tickle their ears and delight their senses.

They start the spark of fire that ignites into flames of strife and quarrel, and they enjoy watching people suffer and inflicting more pains.

And I will never enjoy friends of a quarrelsome and contentious spirit.

These people do more harm than good to the people around.

Sometimes I wonder whether it is because of their upbringing or their experiences in life that make them so violent, so rude and so full of hateful rage and racism.

But I must admit that I enjoy my moments of daily troubles.

They spur me on to wonderful discoveries...

They make me analyze my decisions and choices.

They cause me think more cautiously and take precautions.

And they help me see who my true friends are and who do not deserve my time.

When trouble is at hand, it brings much sorrow and pain.

When trouble is over, it brings much happiness and benefits us too.

Maybe what we need to let go is the unwanted and unnecessary ego troubles.

Ego troubles are well known and have caused much harm and pain.

Each day has enough of its troubles.

Yet many of us still cannot let go of past troubles...

... and still many who anticipate more troubles in the days to come.

Let's just deal with the troubles at hand instead of fighting the shadows of troubles and distress.


Anonymous said...

that's good if you can pass through the problem wisely. it's not easy at all! usually ppl easily mumbling when problem came.

nice post anyway :)

Sexy in the Stars said...

I am sure he can pass through the problem triumphantly.