I Am Not Interested In Arguments

Some couples love to argue about what name to give their children. Sometimes they can't come to a common agreement. This causes much conflict, misunderstanding and frustration between them, and it affects their interaction, communication, and relationship with one another.

Sometimes their parents and other family members come into play and meddle into their affairs, causing even more heartache and trouble.

Arguments spice things up and get people to think.

It helps to clear our doubts and clarify the matters.

It helps to provide a wholesome solution to our problems.

But too much arguments can kill up love and relationship....


Sometimes we come into disagreement because we are too keen on winning; winning is everything, to win is all there is.

Sometimes we are too set in our mind, too engage to our values and judgments.

Sometimes we are too full of emotions and personal feelings, easily get hurt and irritated.

Sometimes we are too insistent on our way of life and decisions, too resistant to change and too old to learn.


Lately, there is also arguments in my country on how to address our God, with appropriate and great titles or with simple, clear, and straightforward titles.

I believe in serving my God with all my heart, all my mind, all my strength, all my soul....

It all comes down to sincerity, honesty, integrity, fidelity, trustworthiness, and love on the part of the believers.

All others are secondary.

I am not interested in arguments.

And I hope the future will hold true....


Ed said...

The Value of Values

An individual’s values are established in childhood and serve as filters when determining right from wrong throughout the person’s life. In today’s society, the process of establishing values within children is given little concern. People place greater emphasis on day to day activities and personal ambitions, than they do on the establishment of values within their children. By default, parents are teaching their children that values such as integrity, respect for life, courage of conviction, a purposeful life and generosity, are secondary to making a living.

In truth, it does not have to be this way. It is a matter of choice.

The “The Value of Values” teaches us why a values-conscious society is important. You will learn the actions that are needed. You will learn how to sustain the drive.
“The Value of Values” is a must read for every parent concerned about the direction of our society and the challenges our children will be facing.

Ed states: “we have three possible choices”.
1) “Do nothing different than that which we have been doing. Complacently accept things as they are and will be.”
2) “Hope that our leaders will guide society in the proper direction despite the fact that they place values second to ambitions.”
3) “Accept our personal responsibility to our children. Accept that real change is not passed down from leaders, but rather, it is driven up from the people. Accept the fact that we each have within us the ability to make things different for generations to come.”

“The choice we make today will determine the society of tomorrow.”