Those Loud Voices

Many of us speak with a voice just enough for our audiences.

But there are some among us who speak so loud that their speech travels and hangs in the air miles away.

Sometimes I wonder whether we have ever considered or reconsidered how we speak in public and in private, especially on issues relating to certain party or secrets to certain individual.

A villager living nearby once spoke in the village cooperative shop. His voice echoed in the air and traveled to my house, waking me up from my deep and sound sleep.

Oh! How I had a really bad day that day. I immediately rushed out of my room, bringing my towel, almost knocked against the door, virtually running all the way to the river nearby and soaked myself in the river water for a long long while.

I was told afterward that I was hearing thunderous voice from the loudest man in the village! And he had been doing that since young! Wow! some of us are given a really natural loud voice.

What I am unhappy about is to hear so many secrets from those loud voices....

Those loud voices are giving me more suspicions, mistrust, hesitation and hatred toward my fellow friends, colleagues and neighbors.

How I wish those loud voices can tone down a little or those concerned can speak from a distant.

It is just not easy to carry all these secrets along all days without telling anyone. And we can easily become an instigator of controversy, conflict, or war....

Oh, I just don't like those loud voices....


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