My Cat Snores

I never knew it until yesterday: Cat can snore and my cat snores!

I was busy clicking Adgitize ads and doing my Entrecard drops. By the way, they work great to improve my blogs traffic. They are really worth a try. I will recommend it to anyone and I am sure you won't regret it!

As usual, my wife was enjoying herself watching the afternoon news and her favorite soap opera. Then she would off the TV and take her afternoon nap.

I remembered hearing her snored these past afternoons, especially when she had a busy morning cleaning, washing, scrubbing, tidying, arranging.... for the coming Chinese New Year which was around the corner.

True enough, in an hour or so, the house was very quiet.

I could hear the workers outside the house talking and laughing.

I could hear the children in neighboring houses playing and arguing, and the sound of TV and radio was loud.

I could hear the sound of cars and trucks moving through the road.....

It was indeed a very hot and quiet afternoon.

I was working frenziedly on my keyboard, making sure that I had made all my 51 Adgitize clicks and 300 Entrecard clicks for all my 6 blogs.......

Then I heard the snoring music began.

It was a long and tired snore, the type that only I could make in this house.......

I was confident that it was my wife, only she was down stair with me.

I smiled and chuckled lightly, reminding myself to tell my darling how she had snored terribly when she was sound asleep.

I continued my work, faster this time and was oblivious of the surroundings.

Then I heard someone pushing the front gate.

I paid no attention; I was enjoying myself clicking the ads and reading my favorite blogs.

The sound from the gate was getting louder.

I turned around and stood up, wanting to know what had happened.

I was convinced that my wife was still very sound asleep.

Moving toward the front door, I was surprised to see my wife wearing an army hat and carrying two bunches of bananas, one on her left hand and one on the right hand.

Feeling startled, I immediately looked at the carpet in front of the TV.

Oh my goodness, my two cats were lying on their backs with their 4 legs up and happily snoring!!!

I helped my wife with the bananas and related the story to her.......

We had a good laugh.

The two cats woke up, looking at us, wondering what had happened.

My wife told me that she had known it for a long while.

I scratched my head and laughed heartily.

I never knew that cat could snore...

Oh My God, my cats had snored!!!


Project Savior said...

I had a cat that not only snored but talked in her sleep.
When we moved into our house we had a space heater in the bedroom. She curled up to it, fell asleep and we started hearing "ooohh"s and the energetic purrings like she would make when we would rub her ears.
We ended up getting her a heated bed and gave her 2 space heaters to snuggle up with.
Here's a picture of the set-up we gave her.
Cat Trap

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

My cat is like Project Savior's. She snores and gurgles, and hums. It's quite touching, but can get admittedly annoying sometimes too:)

Cacai M. said...

OMG.. me too first time I saw cat snores and it's in here and read through the two commenters above that they have to their cat too! Ooh well if I am at your side, I would laugh my heart out too.. that's interesting and cute, I guess. Thanks for the info. It's my first time and thanks for the info.

Kirhat said...

I also didn't know about this. Well, I guess its pretty obvious to me since I don't like to keep cats as pets. They can whine all day long, but that won't make me let them come inside my house.

Seek No More

sundcarrie said...

I don't remember if my cats snored but my dog sure does! Funny story great for my morning laugh.