Driving On the Road

I was sitting behind the wheel of my van. I had a long queue before me. As I turned the corner leading to the main road junction, I could see about 10 vehicles waiting in front of me. Everyone seemed to be very eager to drive off the main road junction to their respective destination.

The traffic along the main road was rather heavy today. Vehicles from both ends were moving quite fast. Everyone must be in a hurry. I only wished there would be no untoward accident.

I had a good look of the very first vehicle in front. It was a colleague of mine. He was rather careful in his driving today. Normally he would speed through without much hesitation. I presumed the traffic in front must be very heavy, seeing one vehicle coming after another. And there were also many big vehicles this morning. Everyone must really trust on their gut and experience to go through situations like this.

A few vehicles were turning in the junction rather speedily and carelessly. I could see some of them still had the pajamas on. They looked rather sleepy with red eyes and uncombed hair. They were probably returning home after sending their children to school. Some of them might have to take a quick bath, very simple breakfast and rush to work. It wasn't easy for big family with many children, and one vehicle with many daily activities, I told myself, scratched my head and smiled to myself.

It was a nice and refreshing morning. The morning breeze was cool and faintly fragrant. But I slowly became tense as my turn arrived. I tried to think of something nice to amuse me and calm me down. I tried to smile and reassure myself while swallowing some saliva. But I was still tensed and worried.

Oh, now come my turn. I looked left and right of the main road. Surprisingly, they were few vehicles around and they were moving rather slowly. I got out of the road junction slowly and enjoyed my smooth drive. I felt rather peaceful and calm. Oh, it was a wonderful drive.

I passed through the roundabout and saw my colleague coming out of the hospital building. Oh, he must be sending his wife to work. Eh, that early?! Before 7 a.m.? I asked myself. Office hour only starts at 8. I slowly shook my head.

Upon reaching my school, I had a good smile. Traffic wasn't congested at all. Surprisingly, there wasn't even vehicle stopping in the middle of the road, putting down students. It was a rare sight but a welcome one.

Yes, I had a good drive today and I felt very nice.