When Troubles Come

When troubles come into our lives,

They come in quick and in bunches,

They surround us and corner us,

They make us feel very small and hopeless,

Then they attack our character, our worth, our peace and relationships…

And seek to harm and destroy us.


When troubles come into our family,

They give rise to prejudices, suspicions and misunderstandings,

They make us scream, cry and sigh,

We battle and fight senselessly,

We despise, envy, distrust, and loathe one another,

And we hurt each other’s bodies, feelings and dignity.

And we blame, hate, and curse one another.


When troubles come upon us,

We are worried and anxious,

We don’t know what to do,

We murmur and complain,

We sigh and sob in dismay,

And we desire to get away from them all.


When troubles come,

We forget about God.

We just want to do things our own ways,

And we pretend that God doesn’t exist.

We eventually break down.

And bring harm to ourselves and others.


When troubles come,

Let us come to the Lord and seek His help.

Let us take every trial,

And turn it back into glory and praise!

Let us learn to have joy and hope,

In spite of the circumstances,

Let us find peace in troubled times!


When troubles come,

Let our immediate response be not “Why?”

Let our response be “How should I response”?

Let us keep our focus on God,

Let us learn to trust in Him.


When troubles come,

And we know and are sure that they will,

Let us continue to have faith in the Almighty God,

And let us always rely on one another.