Smile At The Storm

Sometimes we are mistreated, misrepresented, and falsely accused in our lives. People don’t like us and they can’t see eye to eye with us.

They disagree on everything we think, feel, say, or do. And they try their best to segregate us from other good people. They create misunderstandings, rifts and conflicts among our family, relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors. It really surprises me what they can do the moment they treat us like enemies. Hatred breeds contempt, discrimination, mistreatment, harassment and death. And I think it’s true wherever we are and whatever we do.

But in the midst of all these trials, we need to remain calm and patient, and keep a good record of ourselves and our work. We must continue to do what we are doing in the way that we are now doing it. We must continue to carry out our responsibilities and tasks with diligence, and work in close collaboration with other people. We must communicate regularly, sharing the joys, the challenges, the struggles, the stresses and frustrations of our lives and our work.

We don’t have to feel or act like a loser or a victim. Instead, we should walk like a victor waiting for our vindication, reinstatement, exoneration……..

Our rescue may not come early, but it always comes at the right time.

Our help may not come when we need it most, but it is never too late.

Sometimes I wonder why all the good, the bad and the interesting things come into our lives in so short a time. But they do add together to spice up our lives and make us stronger and wiser individuals after sometime.

May be we need to learn to smile at the storm sometimes.

Yeah, it may not be a bad idea.


Selina said...

hi there, I am your new follower, added your link on mine. hope you can visit me too.

Julie from Momspective said...

Trust me, I feel ya there. I am awful outspoken and get slapped for it sometimes. It just makes me talk louder.