They Made Their Way

There are no roads. Roads are made by walking.

This is an age old saying.

Its truth is undeniable.

And its words expansive and transformational.


Where there's an idea, there's a DIY.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Where there's passion, there's determination to succeed.


That is how we solve difficult problems with simple ideas.

That is how we create miracles with simple tools.

And that is how we make our many dreams come true.


They all come from our widest imagination.

They all come from our unwavering commitment.

They all come from our strong desire to make a difference.


But if we don't try, we will never do.

And if we never do, we will never be successful.


Things just don't fall from the sky magically.

We must act, and act effectively and soon.

But we must also act prudently and cautiously.


I was driving slowly up the slope of a steep hill.

It was a narrow road to a remote village miles away.

It was built by its people who was fed up with the water way.

They yearned for a dream come true.

And they made their way.


I finally drove to the top of the hill.

Looking down, I could see the village and its people.

Soon, I told myself, the steep hill will be no more.

I looked at the people, and shook their hands.

And smile to them with their confident smiles...


Tomas said...

Thank you for the wonderful post- for the reminder of an age old saying. It encourages the youth to break the stereotypes of social life- to move forward despite any logic and explains the secret of the sweet memoirs of the aged (once upon a time ... we all were the fearless)
The truth "Roads are made by walking" as supports us as tests our faithfulness and helps to endure (enjoy) road hardships as the adventurous story - that removes self pity and dries the tears-replace them with the wonder: while it looks that Butterfly can't exist in plaster, yet it's not a fantasy but the reality - that is me - still alive and still waiting for the visitors to my online art galleries (blogs) You are welcomed to Art of Butterfly in Plaster