Lately, there had been rumors about the doomsday again. Many were thinking and talking about what would happen on 21.05.2011. When would it actually occur? Would it be based on the US time or the local time? And how would it happen? Would it be instant or spreading over a period of time? Some organizations were even talking about partying, celebrating, and have a good time together on that day.

I for one am not interested in this movement. I have just too many things to do in my life than wasting my time speculating on the date and time of the doomsday! Besides, who would know the date and time when it is only God alone who knows?

I am more worried about the natural disasters, the social crimes, the economic recession, the political instability, and the many uncertainties in life. Life is hard with its many escalating prices. Everything has grown up so much; it is more difficult to make ends meet now. Many of us are doing two or more jobs everyday. It is funny and ridiculous to hear about the doomsday when you have so much difficulty even to live.

Personally I am not happy with the rumors. I am thinking if we are so keen about meeting the future, then we must work hard and get ready for it. The Endtime is definitely not a time for joy and celebration; it is rather of fear and trembling to meet and deal with the Almighty God.

It is now 30.05.2011; more than a week since the announcement of the doomsday. Nothing has happened, everything is back to normal and no one is excited anymore. Everyone is back to their daily routines again.

But this is no over. In fact, it will never be over. Someone(s) will again come out with another doomsday theory again. Then the rumors will start and many people will begin to get excited again.

How about you? What do you think of the doomsday? Would you get excited about it? How would you get ready for it?


John said...

The bible say Jesus "will come like a thief in the night" so how can anyone predict? said...

Thank John, welcome aboard.
Sadly, there are so many who continue to predict, and have scared so many people,