The Lord Jesus Will Come Again

2 Peter 3:1-10 (NIV)

The Bible is worthy of our faith and acceptance. Every word in the Bible is inspired by God. Every promise God gave in His Word is worthy to be believed. It will come to pass just as He said. And when the Lord Jesus Christ promised to come back again, He meant that too!


The Assurance Of The Scriptures (1-2)

The Bible is a perfect Book. It is the perfect revelation of God’s will to men. We can count on the Word of God!


The Bible is a prophetic Book. Throughout the Bible, there are prophecies presented and fulfilled, over and over again.


The Bible is a preserved Book. Every word in the Bible will literally come to pass.


The Ignorance Of The Scoffers (3-7, 10)

The Doubt

They doubt the reality of Christ’s coming on the fact that nothing seems to change! All things continue as they have for ages. Therefore the threat of the end of the world may not be true! They fail to remember that God has already judged and destroyed the world once, and that God is not bound by time as men are.


The Denial

They deny God’s revealed truth. They deny that God can and will judge the world.


The Discovery

Why do they deny the teachings of the Scriptures? It is a problem of the heart. They do not wish to understand.


The Patience Of The Savior (8-9)

God Is Punctual

God will come when the time is right for doing so. God never tarries. He will come swiftly, at the precise time and He will judge decisively.


God Is Patient

The reason God waits is to allow lost men and women ample time to repent and to turn to Him.

It is not God’s design or desire to see us die lost and go to Hell. He desires to see us saved, so that we can spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Therefore, He waits, and calls, and gives us ample opportunities to get right with Him.

One day, God’s patience will be exhausted, and He will return to this earth. Then it will be too late to repent; there will be nothing more to look forward to but an eternity in Hell!


God Has Promised

God will come again, just as He said He would.


Are we ready to meet God? This message ought to make us consider the terrible danger we are in and cause us to run to Christ in repentance. These truths should stir our hearts and make us want to get as close to the Lord Jesus Christ as we can get so that in the time remaining, we might be used by Him to touch this world. There are multitudes all around us who have never received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. We might be the one to reach them.