Paul’s Final Exhortation

Titus 3:9-15

The apostle Paul had given the young pastor Titus several instructions about running the church in Crete.


Titus was to set things in order, to appoint elders, to rebuke false teachers, and to teach the believers that doing good deeds is sound doctrine.


Now we come to Paul's final exhortation to Titus before closing with some personal notes.


Avoid Controversies (3:9)

Titus was to avoid arguments because they are unprofitable and useless.


Reject A Divisive Man (3:10-11)

Titus was to reject someone who spread private opinions around and causing division.

He was told to reject him or her after two confrontations.


If someone has a different view, or cannot submit to the authority of the church, then he or she shouldn't stay and cause division.

He or she should leave quietly and alone, without mounting a rebellion and building a team.


There is to be no tolerance for those who cause division in the church.

They are to be removed, rejected, and disfellowshipped until they repent and change their ways.


Paul Made Some Personal Notes (3:12-15)

Artemas and Zenas are unknown to us outside of this reference.

But we can examine the ministry of Tychicus in the book of Ephesians (6:19-24) and Colossians (4:7-18).

Apollos is the best-known of the four.

He was an Alexandrian Jew who was a powerful Bible teacher.

He became an evangelist and a leader in the church after he learned the complete gospel message (Acts 18).


Finally, Paul told Titus that true Christianity is not inactive or unfruitful.

It is to serve others.


Titus' job as the pastor was to teach the people of the church to do good deeds and meet pressing needs.


Real Bible teaching teaches the real body of Christ to do real ministry until there really is unity.


May God's grace be with us all.