The Death Of A Conscience

Mark 6:14-29

Herod’s Confusion (17-20)

Herod Antipas heard about the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and His miracles.

He thought that the Lord Jesus Christ was John the Baptist raised from the dead.


Herod Held John

Herod had John the Baptist arrested for preaching against his sins.


Herod had fallen in love with his sister-in-law, Herodias.

They had an affair.

They both left their spouse and married one another.


John the Baptist repeatedly condemned their action.

Herod was upset.

So was Herodias.


Herod had John thrown into prison.


Herod Helped John

Herod disliked John the Baptist’s message.

But he protected him from the murderous ambitions of Herodias.


Herod Heard John

Herod didn’t like John the Baptist exposed his sin.

But he had a reverential fear of him.

He knew that John the Baptist was a holy and righteous man of God.


When He heard John the Baptist preached, it caused him great conflict of soul.

But He heard him gladly.


Herod’s Crime (21-29)

It Involved A Sinful Dance

Herodias had been waiting for an opportunity to put John the Baptist to death.


She saw her chance at Herod’s birthday.

When Herod and his men were drunk with wine, Herodias sprung her trap.


She sent in her teenage daughter Salome to dance for them.

It was a suggestive, sensual, sexual dance designed to inflame their passions.


Her dance had the desired effect, for Herod and those with him were captivated by her.


It Involved a Senseless Declaration

Herod promised to give her anything she desired, up to half his kingdom!

It was a foolish boast designed to make him look good in front of his guests.


The girl ran to her mother to seek her advice.

Her mother, without hesitation, told her to request the head of John the Baptist.

The girl ran back and told Herod she wanted John’s head.

She added her own twist to the request by telling him that she wanted it now and she wanted it served up on a plate.


It Involved A Shameful Deed

Herod realized immediately that he had made a mistake.

But he was afraid of losing face in front of his guests.

So he sent the executioner and John the Baptist was immediately beheaded.

It was then presented to Salome.

His disciples then came and took his body away for burial.


Herod’s Conscience (14-16)

His Contrition

As soon as Herod heard about the miracles, the message and the ministry of the Lord Jesus, He immediately assumed that the Lord Jesus Christ was John the Baptist resurrected from the dead.


His Confession

Herod was convinced that the Lord Jesus Christ was none other than John the Baptist whom he beheaded.

Herod was confessing his guilt.

But there was no repentance!

Herod was not saved!


The death of a conscience is a tragic event.

It usually leads to the death of a soul.


When we refuse the Lord Jesus Christ and the Gospel, there remains no hope for our salvation.

There is nothing in our future but the terrible effects of sin and the horrors of Hell.

Never be like Herod!