The Amazing Power Of Simple Faith

Mark 5:21-34

The Woman’s Disease (24-26)

Her Ailment

The woman suffered from an issue of blood.

She was bleeding from her body.

It was a continual flow of blood.

Her Agonies

The constant flow of blood caused her much suffering.

She Suffered Physically

She was weak and pale.

The least of efforts would wear her out.

She Suffered Medically

She had tried all the remedies of all the physicians.

And she suffered under their care.

She Had Suffered Socially

She could not work around others because of the danger of defilement.

She Had Suffered Emotionally

She had lived her life moving from one rejection to another.

She was always lonely, isolated and desperate!

She Had Suffered Religiously

She could not go to the Women’s Court of the Temple.

She was unclean.

She Had Suffered Financially

She had spent all she had.

She has been left penniless and destitute.

Her Anguish

She was living under a death sentence.

She would not get better.

She would only die from this disease.


The Woman’s Desire (27-28)

The Witness She Heard

This poor woman heard about the Lord Jesus Christ.

She had heard that there was power in His touch.

The Will She Held

She knew that the Lord Jesus Christ was her only hope!

She was desperate to approach Him!


The Woman’s Deliverance (29-34)

Her Deliverance Was Powerful

She reached out her trembling hand.

She touched His garment.

Instantly she was healed!

Her Deliverance Was Personal

The Lord Jesus Christ felt her touch.

It was a touch accompanied by faith.

He sought her out to bring her to salvation.

Her Deliverance Was Profound

The woman was brought into a soul saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

She was in the family of God!

Her Deliverance Was Permanent

The woman had done the right thing in coming to the Lord Jesus Christ and touching Him.

She was healed.

Her battle with this dread disease was finished!

She had received a brand new life from the hand of the Lord.


This woman experienced healing that day.

It was not because she touched His garment.

It was because she exercised faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His power.

When her faith touched His power, His power changed her life.


In that crowd that day, there were many people with physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

But only she got help.

Many touched the Lord Jesus, but only she was transformed.

Only she looked at the Lord Jesus Christ through the eyes of faith.

She believed He could help her.

She did whatever she had to do to touch Him.

When she touched Him, she was made whole!


If we need help, we must come to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Only He has the power to change our situation.

If we need help, we must get to Him and touch Him by faith.