One Thing Missing

Mark 10:17-22

The man was rich.

He possessed money.

There is nothing wrong having money.

The problem comes when money has you.

And money, with all its power and potential, cannot give salvation for the soul.


The Lord Jesus named several commandments to him.

He responded that he had kept them from his youth.

He was a moral man.

However, morality couldn't get him into Heaven!


The man possessed a sense of urgency.

He ran to the Lord Jesus looking for the answer he needed.

He realized that life didn't last forever!

But urgency couldn't save him from eternal damnation!


The man possessed humility.

He bowed before the Lord and asked of Him.

But just being meek and humble would not keep him out of Hell.

It was just not enough.


The man possessed a desire for salvation.

He cared about where he would spend eternity.

He believed in Heaven and Hell.

But a desire for salvation was just not good enough.


But the man was loved by God.

Even though he was a sinner, he was still loved by the Lord.

The love of God for fallen men was so great that He gave up His Son to die on the cross to save them from their sins.

But it was not enough to bring about his salvation.


The man had problems.

He was a sinner in need of salvation.

The Lord Jesus told him how he could be saved.

He was to renounce his wealth.

He must turn from money that was holding his life.

He was to take up his cross.

He was to leave everything, and identify himself with the shame of the cross.

He was to follow the Lord Jesus.

He was called to place his total trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for his salvation.


The Lord Jesus had revealed His identity to him.

He had declared Himself to be God!

He was saying that if He is good, then He is God!

His challenge to him was to believe in Him alone, and in what He can do for the sinners.


But the man thought the price was just too high for him to pay.

And he chose his riches over his own soul.


The man went away sad.

His prospects for eternity became very bleak and promised only Hell.


The man had everything.

But there was one thing missing.

He didn't have the Lord Jesus.

And he was not ready to receive Him as his Savior.

One thing he lacked....