Marriage Relationship

Genesis 2:15-25

God made a man in His image.

He named him Adam.

God placed Adam in a beautiful Garden of Eden to tend and keep it.


God considered Adam in the garden and He said, “It is not good that man should be alone”.

God had created every other being with its counterpart.

But Adam was created alone.


God caused all the animals to pass before Adam.

Adam named them all.


But Adam realized that none of the animals was compatible with him.

God used this event to awaken the realization of loneliness in Adam’s heart.

God used this event to create a desire within Adam for companionship.


Up to this point, Adam was satisfied with his life and his surroundings.

He thought he had everything he wanted.

Now Adam was made to realize that he did not have everything.

Now Adam desired to have a companion to complete him.


God took definite steps to satisfy Adam’s desire.

God caused Adam to go to sleep.

God opened him up and took out a rib.

God made a woman from this rib.

She was called Eve.


Eve was taken out of Adam’s side to be equal with him.

Eve was taken from under Adam’s arm to be protected by him.

Eve was taken from near Adam’s heart to be loved by him.


Adam woke from his sleep.

Adam saw a new, absolutely beautiful and perfect woman there with him.


Adam’s immediate response was “Yes!”

Finally, here was the woman whom Adam couldn’t live without.

Finally, here was the woman who was compatible with him and completed Him.


Adam had the heartfelt love for the woman.

Adam had the sure knowledge that this was the woman God has created just for him.


God formed the first family, and He blessed their union.

God commanded them to “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it” (Gen. 1:28).

Adam and Eve then came together in physical union (Gen. 4:1).

Children were born into the family.

The family expanded and blessed by the hand of God.


Marriage relationship is next in importance to our relationship with God.

All other activities outside of marriage must take a backseat.

This includes our businesses, hobbies, friends, careers, sports, and even church work.


Living with our spouse is a lifelong pursuit.

It begins at marriage and continues to the deathbed.


Marriage speaks of total and absolute commitment.


Broken marriage is a serious matter.

It must be saved!

The Lord Jesus Christ said, “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” (Mark 10:9).


Marriage relationship must be supported, prayed for, maintained and honored.

The extended family, the church family, close friends etc. must learn to help their loved ones to fix their marriage problems.


Are you ready for marriage relationship?