Noah’s Days

Genesis 4:16-26

Noah’s days were characterized by perversion.

Our days are also filled with widespread apostasy and self-help philosophy.


Noah’s days were characterized by prosperity. Jabal was the first to practice the domestication of animals. It was a time of material prosperity.

We are also enjoying unprecedented prosperity. Everyone is spending. There are days when many people have more than enough.


Noah’s days were characterized by pleasure. Jubal invented musical instruments. He was the father of the entertainment industry.

We are also living in a pleasure mad world. Billions are spent on entertainment like sports, music and hobbies.


Noah’s days were characterized by progress. Tubal-Cain discovered and learned how to extract metal from ore and invented the smelting business. This allowed men to produce stronger farm implements and formidable armaments. Cities were built. The ark was built.

We have many inventions and advancements too. We are progressing in every arena of human life. We are living in a time of unprecedented human advancement!


Noah’s days were characterized by polygamy. Lamech married two women. He was the first person in the record of humanity who took clear steps to undermine the home and the family. It was a time marked by lust, wanton disregard for God’s will, open sin and perversion. In Gen. 6:1-4, we are told that there was an intermingling of the godly line of Seth with the cursed, reprobate line of Cain. This produced a generation of men called giants and men of renown.

Marriage is also under attack today. The traditional family is being challenged by homosexuality and lesbianism. Cohabitation is also becoming the order of the day.


Noah’s days were characterized by pride. Lamech declared his value to be far greater than that of his ancestor Cain. He was the first real humanist. He saw himself as number one and believed that all his actions were right. His name means “powerful”, and he lived as if all power resided within him.

We are living in days like that too. Many pay God lip service. But they do not want Him involved in their affairs. They have no regard for the Word of God. They do not fear God. They live as they want without thought of a Heaven to gain or a Hell to shun.


Noah’s days were characterized by pollution.

Men did as they pleased without thought for the welfare or property of others. Murder and crime were rampant. Many had degenerated into the depths of depravity and wickedness. That is where we are today. And things are getting worse!

It was a time of unequal yokes in marriage and tolerance of evil and wicked lifestyles. The bloodline of humanity had become so tainted and polluted that only Noah was considered pure in his generations. That is where we are today. Sex is no longer reserved for the marriage relationship as God intended. Virginity is no longer seen as a precious gift to be cherished and preserved for one’s life mate. It is seen as a commodity to be traded for affection, acceptance and pleasure. Traditional values and morality are under increasing attack in these days. Homosexuality and lesbianism are not merely tolerated; they are promoted as alternative lifestyles!

Men had corrupted His way upon the earth. Men had turned from the worship of the true and living God to embrace the occult. They worshiped Satan and his lies while they shunned the truth of the Lord. The same is true in our day. People are caught up in the supernatural. Witchcraft, astrology, spiritism, psychic phenomenon, demonic religions and Satanism have penetrated our culture to a frightening level.


Some thoughts.
  • The days of Noah have arrived again. We can see the signs of the times.
  • But God still has His man and He is still working in a big way. He was still moving in grace to redeem the lost.
  • Our world is ripe for judgment. Let us make sure that we are saved and ready. We are leaving this world. It could be soon. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming and we are going! Are we ready?