God’s Grace In The Fall

Gen. 3:1-24

God came to Adam and Eve.

Man had transgressed the commandment of God. Man had sinned. There was great gulf between God and man. But God continued to join Man in the cool of the day for fellowship and communion. God had every right to stay away. But He chose to come anyway! That is grace!


God called them.

God didn’t come to look upon their misery. He called out to Adam in an effort to reach him.

Man is dead in sin until God awakens him. It is only at the call of God that the sinner can be saved. That is grace!


God confronted them.

God challenged Man on the basis of His sin. God was looking for a confession. But what He got was accusations.

God reveals to us the sinfulness of our lives and calls upon us to repent. That is grace!


God chastised them.

Various punishments were meted out on the sinners. This is grace!

God would have been within His rights to have killed them outright.

God’s chastening and restraining hand stands as a reminder that there is a price on sin.

God chastens us to call our attention away from the pleasure of sin so that we may see the reality of sin.


God covered them.

The sin of Adam and Eve became real when an animal died to cover their nakedness.

They instantly realized that they were responsible.

It was the grace of God that accepted the sacrifice of an innocent party to atone for the sins of the guilty.

It is the grace of God that saves the sinner, cleanses him and clothes him the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

It is through the grace of God that we enter salvation.


God commanded them.

Adam and Eve were eternally separated from the presence and love of God.

God’s command to cast them out was a command of compassion and grace!

Adam and Eve thought it was the worst that could happen, but it was in fact the best solution to a terrible problem.


Some thoughts.
  • God’s grace is evident all the way back to the Garden of Eden.
  • Let us thank God for His grace.
  • Let us praise God for His grace.
  • Let us rest in God with full assurance of faith.

God’s grace truly is amazing!