Children Without Heart

A little child comes forward and hugs his or her parent, and makes requests. The parent looks at the little child, smiling happily and grants a positive answer promptly. The little child laughs happily and hops around the house. The whole family is filled with joy and contentment. Parents just love to give everything to their little children.

The little child grows up and goes to school. More requests are made. But it is not that easy as before. The parents have to think longer and harder this time. Nevertheless, they will still fulfill the many requests of their children so long as the family can effort them and the requests can help in cultivating positive developments.

The little child becomes an adult, starts to work and stays away from home.

The parent requests the child to come home once in a while. The child grumbles that he or she is not free. The child complains about the heavy workload, the family responsibilities, the long journey, financial constraint, or their many commitments. The parent just has to live alone.

The parent requests the child to phone home once in a while. The child talks grudgingly, get very angry for no apparent reason, talks loudly and rudely to the parent. They just don't feel like phoning home. The parent feels lonely in the lonely home.

The parent requests the child to come and pick. He or she wants to visit the grandchildren. The child grumbles and reluctantly complies. But quickly and quietly leaves the parent with the children, and refuse to talk and entertain the parent. The parent cries silently alone.

Yet times and again when the child needs the parent's help, he or she will come with a sweet smile and some gifts. The parent starts to feel very happy and grant the child his or her requests. Then the parent helps to look after the house, do the house chores, take care of the grandchildren, tend the garden, etc.

The parent will never complain openly about the child but the child is full of complaints and will voice openly about the parent.

The parent will forgive and forget the child for his or her rudeness, selfishness, insensitivities... but not the child – the child grows up without a good heart.

Will he or she ever change?

Will his or her children do likewise? Yet to see and know...