Fewer Words But Bigger Heart

Oh my children,

When you were kids, daddy loved to hold you tight and caressed you until you fell asleep. Daddy always had a lot of stories and jokes to tell you. Daddy loved to bring you around the shopping complexes and the recreation parks. And everytime when you fell down and cried painfully, daddy also cried with you.

When you began to go to school, daddy's heart also went with you. Daddy guided you and taught you patiently. Daddy remembered you had a lot of complaints about your homework. It was real joy and fun to see your determination to complete your school works. You looked so eager to learn and you were easily instructed. Daddy could still remembered the many prizes and praises you received.

Oh my children, you were so special to daddy that daddy loved you with many words and a big big heart.

When you were in your secondary school, daddy's heart still went with you. You were more ambitious, more emotional, more courageous and adventurous. Daddy started to worry for you. You had a lot to grumble and to criticize. You had made daddy scared sometimes. But daddy tried to stay calm and not to over-react. Daddy tried to stay open-minded and more reserved.

Oh, my children, you were so special to daddy that daddy loved you with fewer words but bigger heart.

Now that you have grown up. Daddy sometimes thinks you are big enough to do your own things. But as it is, you still need more guidance, encouragement and instruction. Everyday, you are facing more and more challenging and complicated problems. You have to make wider choices and bigger decisions. Oh my children, daddy's heart still goes with you in everything you do. Daddy still worries that you will make wrong decisions and that you will succumb to bad influences. Daddy scares to lose you.

Oh, my children, you are so special to daddy that daddy loves you with very few words and much bigger heart.

Oh my children, daddy scares to lose you but just doesn't know what to do...

***Happy Father's Day – 21th June 2009.