One Kind Of Rice Feeds Hundred Kinds Of People

The Chinese has a common saying that goes like this "One kind of rice feeds hundred kinds of people." And that is my continued reflection as I sipped my cup of coffee in a coffeeshop this morning.

Sitting quietly near a wall, I ordered a mug of coffee and a bowl of laksa, a spicy noodle soup native to Malaysia and Singapore. It had been quite sometime since I visited the shop and one of the delicacies I really missed was a bowl of Sarawak laksa.

As I swallowed my saliva, I began to look at the people around me. It was a blessing to remain anonymous and unnoticed as much as possible. And I enjoyed watching people while eating and drinking, and I was quietly smiling to myself.

A group of chinese youngsters were sitting together enjoying their meals. They were discussing about their businesses and their various plans and strategies. Some were seen puffing cigarettes. Those with many bright ideas were seen talking and laughing loudly, with many gestures. The rest reflected on the ideas and nodding their heads, and chipped in once in a while.

Then I paid my attention to a family enjoying their meals. They were talking and laughing softly, so as not to attract much attention. You could really see and feel the family warm if you sat near enough. Here was another satisfying meal.

Then I saw a crippled old man came in. He surveyed the place and sat near where I was. He was toothless and bony-old, but he was always ready with a smile. He ordered something simple as I could see that he was poor. But he enjoyed the coffeeshop and was just like me, smiling to himself.

I saw yet another old man, reading his newspapers and quietly enjoying his meal. He too looked very satisfying.

I was pleased with I saw and reflected on and on....

One kind of rice feeds hundred kinds of people. And that is what the Almighty God has given us. And He helps and guides us to prepare many different kinds of meals. And everyone is happy.


Joe-ann said...

yeah..very keen and nice observation. It may sound like a cliche but still, its really not the sugar that makes the coffee's the stirring!have a nice day.good you've enjoyed your coffee.