Exam Fever

I have a public exam tomorrow.

They call it PTK, a competency level assessment for government servants, aims to measure the level of attitude, skills and knowledge required to accomplish tasks at a particular grade in its service scheme.

By attaining a certain level of competency, a government officer proves that he or she has the required competencies to serve at that grade.

PTK can also provide an indication of the future or potential of a government officer to be assigned a more challenging assignment or position.

I have cleared my PTK with flying color in my former grade and I have smiled from ear to ear.

But this is now my third time that I am facing it in my present grade.

And my heart is throbbing fast at the thought.


A little excitement is good for health, especially when we are young and energetic.

But lately I would rather enjoy a little peace and quiet and learn things at my own pace.

I have faced many exams with success.

And I am thankful to God for my present achievements.

But deep inside, I never like any competency exam.

I no longer enjoy challenges, reaching new heights, and getting great rewards.

Just how rich is rich?

How high is high enough?

Just how often we want to win over others?

I don't know.

I am just contented with what I have and what I am.

I am satisfied and happy with my life.

I don't give up learning.

It is just that I learn what I want.

It is just that I learn at a slower pace.

I am still progressing steadily and I learn new skills everyday.

I am still perfecting my talents.

I am just wondering when will they test on our life skills, leadership qualities, problem facing and solving abilities, working experiences, and skills and talents that develop through lifelong learning?

As it is, another paper exam.

Come what may, life still goes on.

Yeah, I am always ready...[sigh]


Shinade aka Jackie said...

I think those of us that are blessed do come to a place and time where the excitement of the quest dwindles.

We settle down and simply enjoy our blessings.

Good luck with your exam. You will probably do better than what you think!!