Wearing A Smile

Wearing a smile everyday is just nice for me.

It becomes so naturally a part of me that I continue to put on a fresh new smile everyday.

And I am not going to throw it away just because someone doesn't like it or has a bad comment or feeling about it.

Some people are asking me, "Why are you so happy? Anything to share?"

It is time to talk and listen. It is time to sit down and reason. It is time to open up and share some thoughts and feelings. It is time to smile and laugh. If we have nothing to share, a joke or some sort of humor or a funny story will be nice. It brightens everyone's day.

Of course, there will be some people who will be talking to themselves or among themselves, "This fellow must be sick, smiling unnecessarily."

It doesn't matter to me. There are so many things to thank God for that I am smiling, laughing, and hopping around. It is a fresh new day with its many adventures and challenges ahead. It is a refreshing time for building, maintaining, consolidating and mending relationships and fellowships. It is another day to start continuing my pilgrim's progress.

Besides, I have so much to learn and to share with friends that I don't have time to make enemies. Leave those who are sarcastic and annoying alone, to wallow in their ignorance. We live together in a community and we have an open and honest relationship with one another.

I enjoy friends and good relationships.

Let my nice and natural smile do the rest.


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