Teachers Do Get Mad These Days

As a teacher, I find it difficult not to get mad with my students.

Sometimes they have very small and light handwriting, making it difficult to read and understand their sentences.

Sometimes their works are so untidy and full of errors, giving me a hard time to correct and evaluate their works.

Sometimes is their "couldn't care less" attitude, so easily get bored and give up trying.

Sometimes is their lack of enthusiasm, not paying much attention no matter how much I try.

Sometimes is their lack of common and basic knowledge, not paying much attention to their surroundings, and always emphasizing so much of their dream world.

Sometimes is the way their behave, so rude and bossy, so blunt and provocative, and so full of filthy and inappropriate speech and gestures.

Sometimes is .............

It can be very frustrating, making me sometimes wanting to give up teaching.

But that is part and parcel of life, no matter how much we want to avoid them.

Parents who have a few children know how tedious it is to raise them up.

But many of them don't understand the role of teachers in managing a huge school.

If only they know and give their very cooperation, there will be more dedicated and motivated teachers these days.

And perhaps teachers will have less frustration, both from pressure within and without.

Yah, teachers do get mad these days.


Rich Sands said...

I hate to risk enraging a teacher, but it's "couldn't care less" not "couldn't careless." Careless mistakes made when complaining about students who couldn't care less sort of undermines your point.
Have a great Thanksgiving!