A Misty Morning

Driving through a dark area covered with thick mist has never been my wish early in the morning. Often it gives me those eerie and uncomfortable feelings. It can be that I have read and heard too many mystery and suspense stories, or that I had seen too many horror and scary movies.

But this morning the feeling was different because it was not that dark.

It was 7.15 in the morning. My wife decided to do an early morning shopping in the wet market. My daughter had a netball training session in the school; the teachers-in-charge were trying to prepare a formidable team for the coming tournament.

I took a quick bath, dried my body and put on clean clothes. Then I took a good look at myself in the mirror. Oh! How I had aged with those wrinkles and lines. I cleaned my face, checking on every detail. Then I applied some hair cream on my head and combed my hair slowly. I took another careful look at myself in the mirror. Not that bad looking after all.

I remembered I had told my students that everyone was handsome and beautiful in his or her own way. If that was not the case, then why do we insist on looking at ourselves in the mirror. Everyone in the class was happily smiling and laughing after that. Then I told them what really mattered was that we always looked decent and presentable.I shrugged and chuckled as I remembered the many details.

I walked out of the front door and pushed the sliding gate. The wheels were still good and the gate didn't opened with a loud noise. I never liked noises and could easily be agitated by them. But I noticed that the gate did produce some minor creaking sounds. Hopefully these wouldn't affect my neighbors' deep and calm sleep.

I went into my van. There was a few pages of newspapers lying inside and there my spectacles. My dear wife knew that I never liked to waste time doing nothing. It could spoil my day!

Then came my wife and daughter. We were all ready for our morning activities.

I sent my daughter to school first. I looked at my watch, making sure that I could send her there before time.

The traffic was not heavy. Those who were working in far places had moved very early. Those who were sending children to school had done so before 7 a.m. And surely many of those who were working nearby wouldn't like to go this early, I grinned to myself, nodding my head.

The afternoon session students were having their lesson this morning. The morning session students had to come in the afternoon. The school had insufficient classrooms. Every time when there was a big function or an important activity, some major adjustment would have to be made. Maybe the sun needs to come out from the west sometimes, I sighed and smiled to myself ruefully.

Not many students were seen moving around the school compound.

As usual, the school looked clean and tidy, very conducive for teaching and learning activities.

The guards were busy at the school gate, carefully examining everyone and keeping away intruders.

I dropped my daughter outside the front gate of the school. My wife then gave her a little reminder and off we were on our way to the wet market.

I dropped my wife near the fish market and she began her shopping. It would be a good time to buy some rare jungle products. Besides, vegetables, fish and meat at this time were fresh and attractive. I looked around, there were not many people there. Early morning shopping would be smooth and enjoyable.

I parked my van and enjoyed myself seeing people moving around and parking their vehicles. Some were still in their nightgown and pajamas, looking rather sleepy with tangled and unkempt hair.

More and more people and vehicles arrived. The wet market was once again busy with business activities, though the night before was a cold night of heavy downpour.

I began to read my newspapers and enjoyed every details of the stories and happenings. Once in a while, I looked up and glanced around, greeting familiar faces.

Before 8 a.m we were home.

The road was still misty, though a little less now.

The morning sun was slowly going up and up, showing its glory and strength.

As I reached the gate of my house, I stopped and pondered.....

Yea, everything runs smoothly at its own pace and styles. And we don't rush things around unnecessarily.

The mist would soon go and disappear, only after it had shown its impact, its potential, its beauty, and its all.