Little Things In Our Lives

So many times, we discount the seemingly little things of our lives.

We gaze at everything with disinterest as we carry out the daily schedule.

And we are angry at people who just accept life as it is and seem to be very happy with their lifestyle.

Life is a bore and a chore, a long slow death.

And we become more disillusioned and bitter as life goes by.

We desire a break, a runaway from home.

We want to get away, far, far away, away from everyone and everything.

But however hard we try, however far we go, and however long we linger, we will still have to deal with our little things in life.

It is neither the distance nor the time that matters; it is our manner of life.

Escapism can never help manifest our dreams, but our attitude can and will make a huge difference.

Never discount the little things of our lives.

What we see as a little thing in life can really change our lives.

What we see as a chance encounter with someone may just be the meeting of a lifetime.

What we see as an accident or a coincidence in life may really be God at work in our lives.

Life is full of its mystery and surprise.

Life is full of its bumps and bruises.

We may not have solutions to all our problems.

But everything will have its answer in its own time.

And we need not search far when the answer is near.

Whatever happens, never discount the little things in our lives.


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