Feeling frustrated is not unusual; it is part of human nature.

We tend to get upset when we don’t like what life is treating us.

Some people become withdrawn when getting frustrated and stressed; they get worked up when people don’t listen to them or do what they say.

Some people blame it on others when they are frustrated and depressed; they make a scene, cry and say things they don’t really mean to, hurting and embarrassing others.

Some people blame it on their fate; they think they are destined to fail in everything they do; they are slowly brought to accept that they are born a downright loser and a quitter.

Some resort to careless and extravagant spending, uncontrolled eating and excessive intake, causing more personal inferiority, emotional outbreak, and extreme anger.

Frustration, stress, and depression can be overwhelming; it can really dull our sensibility, adversely affect our capability, and bring about chronic diseases.

The next time we get frustrated, maybe we need a quiet place to talk to ourselves or our loved ones.

Harming oneself and hurting others are not good remedies; it will never do anyone good.

The ability to analyze and understand ourselves is what we need, and it can be improved with knowledge and practice.

Prayer and meditation are helpful; ultimately it is the Almighty God that we have to give an account of our lives.

A quiet time is what I need to calm me down; but it is not easy……..


imelda said...

this is very true . ty for the post