Difficult Situations

Life is not a bed of roses; it is not a bowl of cherries or a box of chocolate. Life is a succession of lessons that must be lived to be understood; it is a tale of successes and failures.

Some go through life smooth sailing; others have to face many trails and difficulties. Whatever it is, we must get ready.

Different people have different way to deal with difficult situations. Some are tough going and fight their way through; they wouldn’t bow down to pressure and give way. They patiently bear all that is to bear and struggle and fight for survival. Some have thrived well and have come out victors.

Some compromise along the way; they adapt to their difficult situations. They patiently wait for every available opportunity. Sometimes they have to forgo their pride and ego; sometimes they have to give in to every whim and fancy of the authorities. Many have to make many personal sacrifices and let their loved ones down. It is not easy for them, but it must be done. Some have thrived well and enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Some give in without a fight; they bow down easily to pressure and humiliation. They fail miserably and hate the whole experience. Many have ended up a loser and a loner; they live and survive under the shadow of another, and toil for most of their time.

Whatever happens, everyone will meet their own end. And it will all come back to the conscience, when the creatures have to meet with the Creator. And begin to settle the account of their lives.

Oh, difficult situations, everywhere and every time.

Who have never toiled in their lives?