Study The Game

I was watching a badminton match.

It was a match between defending champion Lee Chong Wei and Ajay Jayram of India.

I was told it was the first time they met in badminton tournament.

I saw how Ajay won point after point at the beginning of every set.

He looked so very energetic and persistent, confident too.

That young lad looked promising and fairly fast.

Lee Chong Wei was sweating all over, but he looked cool, calm, unperturbed, never angry, and never excited.

I presumed he must be studying the match.

Every game is a match, but every match is not necessary a game.

It needs to strategize and plan wisely,

It needs timely and effective moves,

And it needs some sudden and surprise counter attacks to win.

I saw how Lee Chong Wei won in straight sets.

He had the final triumph.

Every game has a lot of useful things to learn.

We win by our capability and ability to study the match.

And this comes with knowledge, skill, and practices.

If only we are humble enough to learn the game; we may be able to achieve greater height and success in the future.